Yes, KFC Is Launching a Console That Can Fry Chickens.

Not so long ago, on June 15, to be exact, KFC Gaming’s Twitter account teased a gaming console that has a functioning chamber dedicated to fry chickens while gaming delivering a 140fps 4k gaming experience. As a result, of course, no one took it seriously.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m glad to announce that we live in the same era that we see KFC release a gaming console in. After a couple of sarcastic delays (synchronized with Cyberpunk 2077 delays), KFC Gaming is collaborating with Cooler Master, Intel, ASUS, and Seagate to deliver what is called KFConsole.

KFConsole, More Promising Than Ever!

Yes, KFC Is Launching a Console that can fry chickens.

KFConsole isn’t just delivering a 140 fps experience. It supports up to 240 fps with 240hz outputs on 4k Displays as suggested on Cooler Master’s website. VR Ready Experience included. Ray Tracing is one of the Console’s must covers as today’s standards propose.

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And of course, One of the fastest, if not the fastest PCIe NVMe pieces today; Two pieces of Seagate’s finest 1 Terabyte SSDs. I don’t think running out of space here is a choice. The whole thing appears to be designed by Cooler Master, including the frying chamber.

Swappable graphic card slots are a feature in our lovely KFConsole. Including the smallest Intel home for our powerful CPU; Which is Intel Core i9 from the 9th generation.

Hardware-wise, KFConsole is much stronger than our Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5s but doesn’t seem like it’s wallet-friendly at all. KFConsole doesn’t even seem like a normal console, to be honest. It’s probably the most PC-Like console I’ve ever seen. What do you think? Tell us what you think in our Forums.

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