XCloud For iOS and PC Launch Spring 2021

Well ladies and gentlemen, XCloud got some big news today. It is finally launching for PC and iOS in Spring 2021. And it’s available for free to all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate owners on both of those devices. Talk about a news drop and before The Game Awards, no less.

This is quite a big deal for both PC owners and iOS devices to say the least for reasons that will be discussed below.

Value for xCloud on both devices

This gives more value to both PC and iOS with the purchase of Game Pass Ultimate. Ultimately allowing for more games to be played on both devices. Opening possibilities on what could be done with the games on Game Pass on both of them. On iOS, this will be interesting due to the power a lot of games with XCloud have. It’ll be interesting to see how it can handle more powerful AAA games. Apple in particular has noted that this would be quite difficult due to the amount of games that need to be approved for it to work on iOS.

Overall, this is a big boon for both of iOS and PC and good news all around. There really isn’t a downside as it gives both of them more value with one’s purchase of Game Pass. If anything it’s impressive that iOS gets this due to the amount of big beefy games that use it. Microsoft also made clear that they want to launch beta’s for Cloud gaming in other countries such as Brazil, Australia and Japan. Japan in particular would be quite a thing to see.

So what do you guys think about this announcement? Is it well timed or could it have been saved for The Game Awards? Is it a good call? Let us know below.

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