Xbox Wireless Headset Announced, Connects to Phone and Console Simultaneously

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the Xbox Wireless Headset, a new device launching on March 16th 2021. Will Tuttle made the announcement on an Xbox Wire post. He shared various design insights, showing everything that the wireless headset offers. Xbox aim to deliver the highest quality audio and comfort for the player. However, they also want to deliver innovations that aren’t usually found in headsets of this price range. Although the headset will retail for $99.99, which is more expensive than popular brands like Steel Series and Turtle Beach, it will offer a range of exciting features. Background noise suppression, spatial sound technology, simultaneous connection to your phone and console, and it’s all completely wireless.

Noise Suppression

The dual beamforming microphone technology at the forefront of the Xbox Wireless Headset emphasises your voice. It makes the headset focus on the audio coming from specific directions in the room (your voice) whilst cancelling out the ‘noise’ around the room that your teammates won’t want to hear. The headset also has an optional auto mute feature to keep the chat clear when you aren’t talking. You’ll know exactly when you can be heard thanks to an LED that lights up when your mic is active.

Crystal Clear Audio

Low latency, lossless audio is an important aspect which they hope will deliver exceptional in-game audio. It also includes support for the three spatial sound technologies that are compatible with Xbox consoles: Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Headphone: X. These will provide surround sound, pushing your skills to new heights. The subtle sounds around your character will become clear, which should give you a competitive edge.

Completely Wireless Connections

The headset, naturally, is compatible with the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Windows 10 devices. It connects to all of these devices using the same technology as the Xbox Wireless Controller, meaning there are no cables or dongles necessary. Up to 15 hours of charge means you won’t be caught short wishing you had a wired headset (just remember to keep it charged).

For those who are enjoying cloud-gaming on mobile, the headset also connects to a range of mobile devices via Bluetooth. The feature that stands out the most is simultaneous connections to your console and smartphone, so you can play games on your console whilst chatting on Discord. We’ve been calling for Discord to come to consoles for a long time, so it’s great to see Xbox create a unique solution to that problem by letting players chat on their phone whilst still gaming on their console.

Comfortable, Intentionally Understated Design

Gaming for hours can get uncomfortable when you have a big, clunky headset on. The Xbox Wireless Headset seems to tackle this issue by providing lightweight PU leather earcups, a cushioned adjustable headband and rubberised dual rings for grip. The mic is retractable so you can hide it away when you aren’t using it.

The headset has a sleek, ‘intentionally understated’ design, making it look like a natural fit alongside the Series consoles. It aims to remove any distractions, such as noisy backgrounds, messy cables and discomfort, to ensure the player can focus on simply playing the game. The earcups also feature rotating dials that allow you to control the volume and adjust the game/chat audio balance without having to pause to go into a menu.

What do you think of the Xbox Wireless Headset? Will you try it out when it releases? Let us know over on our Discord channel, where you can join the rest of our community! The headset launches on March 16th for $99.99, and is available to preorder today. Whilst you are here, check out more from our team below:

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