Xbox VR: On the horizon?

Recently reports have emerged that there have been discussions into VR on Xbox Series X/S. This news comes as a result of Microsoft Flight Simulator PC files. WindowsCentral spotted Flight Sim forum user Cygnifick posting a line of filenames that make reference to the original codename of the Series X: Scarlett.

The filenames such as ‘Scarlett_VR’ would suggest that Microsoft has been considering VR implementation on it’s next-gen consoles. Microsoft Flight Simulator is already available for the PC with VR support on the way. It has also been confirmed that Xbox users will get Flight Simulator in 2021 for the Series X/S. It’s worth noting that nothing is concrete as of yet. Microsoft hasn’t mentioned anything with regards to VR support for it’s new consoles so that makes this filenames even more intriguing.

Xbox have been noticeably absent from the VR market as of yet. Of course they did flirt with the idea in 2016’s E3. Xbox chief Phil Spencer mentioned that the Xbox One X would feature VR support. These plans were panned two years later. Spencer was again asked in February on a podcast. He said “We’re not going to do that. I understand that certain people want that, but we have to focus our efforts on the things we’re doing right now.”

VR support on the Xbox Series X/S could make for an interesting experience. Microsoft this year made sure to add Bethesda to it’s lineup of studios with prior VR experience. Having already acquired Ninja Theory and InXile entertainment.

Only time will tell with the release of the Xbox Series X and Series S on the approach. Don’t forget to stay tuned with Generation Xbox for all Xbox news.  

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