Xbox : The home of Indie gaming for 2021?

Hi there, I’m Sean the Indie game master – and just all around legend – here at Generation Xbox. Below are a few indie games you should be hyped for coming soon to the Xbox! So to be honest, that title is a rhetorical question. Yes, Xbox is pretty much the leading console on indie gaming at the moment, and will probably be the home of indie games in 2021.

Now what has caused such a large shift of numerous indie games coming to the Xbox? Well, Microsoft began buying up several new studios in the hope of more first-party titles on Game Pass. With that, I expect to see different types of games that these studios haven’t delved into before.

Studios are experimenting more, and this is a great situation for Game Pass and gamers in general. Often, indie games spend a few months or maybe a year in development before release. Usually a very small audience actually plays the game, but occasionally a game booms in popularity a few months or even years later (see: Among Us).

For the games that successfully reach a large audience, a path forward is not always planned. The game is very unlikely to be updated or even completed, in some cases just because the teams are so small.

This year, indie games on Xbox will be brought to the frontline. We may start to see different types of games from studios we loved 10 years ago that have waned in popularity. Instead of formulaic titles that wear over time, new worlds and ideas are born.

Last Stop

Last Stop is a single player indie adventure game based in the present day London, UK. And as lockdown exists, what better way to visit the big city than to play this game.

A young girl named Donna has a sister who is a bit anxious and doesn’t let her do anything – overprotective let’s say. Donna finds herself far from home and wants to get “onit” (the young person slang for having a good time). Anyway she gets “onit” but ends up becoming a kidnapper with her two mates. This is all caused by a silly game of detectives that may have gone too far.

There are two other character stories in Last Stop as well. They are somehow intermingled with Donna’s, but that is for the player to find out. The game is fully voiced, has fantastic graphics, and features a BAFTA award winning soundtrack by Lyndon Holland.


Scorn is an action adventure indie game that is purely gruesome. You are a “skinless humanoid” fighting through different locations within multiple regions, exploring them in a non-linear fashion. Puzzles and characters are integral to the story of the game too.

You acquire different skill sets, weapons, and other items that will help you along the way. Scorn‘s different regions are set out into a maze-like structure with shortcuts and paths to discover. You can explore these regions in whatever way you like.

Scorn doesn’t include cut scenes so you can focus on the world that you find yourself in. The game is punishing and won’t give you a chance if you’ve missed something. From what I can tell, Scorn is basically a mini-Dark Souls game – and definitely one to watch for.

The Wild At Heart

The Wild at Heart is an adventure game that throws in a bit of strategy, just for good measure. Two kids who are fleeing from hardship, guardians, and other mythical creatures who have lost their way.

The Wild at Heart employs a Clicker Heroes-style of resource management. Buying minions and directing them to tasks is essential. It sounds bad when you read it aloud, but this game is kid friendly to be honest.

The great thing about The Wild at Heart is you can explore around the world and create your own paths. You can collect and craft items for you and your minions to use, then battle other people and their minions. It’s unclear whether this is multiplayer online or AI minions.

This Wild at Heart also has nightfall, where you’re more likely to be killed by monsters or other creatures. Deploying military tactics keeping your minions safe is absolutely vital. 

Exo One

Exo One is a simulation game a little like No Man’s Sky from what I can see. The game includes aliens which would be a first for a simulator and you can control aircrafts, get out at planets, and much more.

There isn’t much information about this game so at the moment that’s all I’ve got. But it looks intriguing nonetheless.

Unexplored 2: The Wayfer’s Legacy

Unexplored 2 is an action-adventure sequel that leaves the dungeon of doom behind to show you vast and wonderous world created by its procedurally generated code. When exploring the beautiful landscapes, you find hidden marvels, run into magical creatures, and encounter dangerous spooky people that may kill you. Unexplored 2 also includes generative storytelling. 

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