Xbox Teases Discord App on Twitter

A couple of years have passed since Discord and Microsoft announced a partnership. Their aim was to “Connect gamers across Xbox Live and Discord.” However to this day we still haven’t seen an official Discord app on Xbox One.

The subject was brought forward via Twitter when Discord was asking for suggestions on new features. Twitter user Stein (@steinekin) replied “@Xbox integration of some kind plz”. The comment gained traction with over 2000 likes and further provoked a reply from the official Xbox twitter account. On top of the reply from Xbox’s twitter, Xbox Software Engineer Brenna Duffitt responded: “stop signing me up for extra work”.  

As it stands this serves as merely a bit of banter. But this does also provide hope that we could see the fruition of Discord on Xbox. Linking back to my previous article with regards to Among Us on Xbox One the major stumbling block for the game was the need for communication. Discord integration could be a way of negotiating this hurdle but for now we can only speculate.

But what do you think? Would you like to see Discord on Xbox? Let us know in the forums or over on our socials.

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