Xbox Series X Pre-Order Page Goes Live

As we draw closer to the release of the next-generation of gaming, any news at this point is raising excitement and hype. Well, this week Xbox has raised it a little further for Xbox fans with the opening of the Xbox Series X pre-order site.

Now it may not draw too much excitement, but the page gives a glimpse of what we will see before we drop hundreds of dollars on the next console. On the site, found here, you get a nice rundown of the power behind the console and why it is the most powerful Xbox ever.  

Still, plenty of time to speculate though, with the Xbox 20/20 events still coming every month with the first-party reveal coming July. We can probably expect a price on the console after that event.

Sony is starting to ramp up its reveals alongside Xbox as well with their announcement this week of the console reveal on June 4th. Very exciting time to be a gamer with all the new reveals and the rest of the year is only looking brighter.  

Stay tuned to Generation Xbox for continuing coverage on the Xbox Series X and much more. Also, check out the weekly podcast where we cover the news of the week.

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