Xbox Games Showcase Has a Confirmed Date

After a month and some change of waiting, the Xbox Games Showcase has a confirmed date of July 23rd at 9AM PT/ 12 PM ET. This comes fresh off the heels of the announcement that from July 21st to the 27th, almost 100 games will feature demos playable on the Xbox. The full news blog can be found here. But some games we will get to play are Cris Tales, Destroy all Humans!, and much much more.

With the showcase featuring all first party titles, it would come as no shock if we potentially got a playable Halo: Infinite beta similar to the Halo 5: Guardians beta. This would be a huge boon for Xbox fans, but is definitely not guaranteed to happen.

What we are sure is happening is that we will see Halo: Infinite, and a lot more first-party games on the 23rd of July. Stay tuned to Generation Xbox for coverage of the lead up to the showcase, and then for everything announced from the showcase. Plus we will give our thoughts on the many different playable demos during that week. Finally, make sure to check out our weekly podcast where we talk about the biggest stories of the week.

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