Xbox Digital Event Rumors Addressed, “Nothing Coming Soon”

Paul Thurrot, a reporter following Microsoft, recently tweeted that Xbox were planning to hold a digital event on March 23rd. The event would reportedly be called ‘What’s New in Gaming’. Many expected this to be Microsoft’s answer to Sony and Nintendo, who have both recently held their own showcase events. However, Xbox Marketing Manager Aaron Greenberg has now confirmed that there is no Xbox digital event currently planned.

He made the announcement on Twitter to combat rumors that suggested Elden Ring would be showcased at this Xbox event. However, it is clear from Greenberg’s tweet that Xbox aren’t currently planning to hold a digital event similar to their Xbox Games Showcase from July 2020 anytime soon.

Rumors regarding Elden Ring began circulating at a similar time as the information regarding an Xbox digital event, so it’s not a surprise that fans expected the two to align. However, it seems that Elden Ring news could still be on the way. Journalists Jeff Grubbs and Jason Schreier have both recently stated that they expect new Elden Ring information to come soon. Neither has stated what we could see, but Jeff Grubb did reveal that he has “reasons to be confident” that we will see Elden Ring before the end of March. You can find his exact discussion about Elden Ring on the GamesBeat Decides podcast here.

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