Xbox Can Learn From the PlayStation 5 Reveal Event

Sony held their PlayStation 5 reveal event yesterday. They showed off the box and a bunch of different games, both exclusives and non-exclusives. Xbox could learn from Sony’s presentation and should try to do some of what Sony did in Xbox’s July Event.

Production Value

PlayStation has always been good when it comes to the production value of their presentations. The latest presentation rivaled the best Nintendo Directs in production value. The Inside Xbox in May featured a blurry Aaron Greenberg. That can’t happen again in July. All the people presenting during the PS5 reveal were in front of a black background.

It just looks better. Part of this is due to the fact that May’s Inside Xbox was live, and the PlayStation event wasn’t, but Xbox should still try and emulate this a little. The animation of the PlayStation logos throughout added something to the event as well. It definitely helped build the excitement.

The Inside Xbox for July should be a pre-recorded show with as much production value as possible. It comes across more professionally than the live show. If they must go live, then please at least make sure the department heads have good quality cameras and microphones.

Order of Exclusives Shown

The first exclusive shown was an ‘expandalone’ to Marvel’s Spider-Man, titled Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Of course the marketing has been confusing, but that’s not the focus here. Up next was Gran Turismo 7 followed by Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. Then they spent time on the multi-platform games. They ended the game part of their show with the big Horizon Forbidden West, a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn.

Starting and ending the show with exclusives is a good idea. However, I think Xbox will want to end the July event with Halo: Infinite. The problem is everyone knows that game is coming. Gamers want excitement. They want something new. The last thing shown is usually the most memorable thing in the show. A better strategy, would be to show Halo either first or in the middle of the show. Then end with something people have been pining for but hasn’t been confirmed such as a new Fable.

Another strategy would be to make the Halo reveal the second to last thing, and then surprise everyone with Fable to end it. Sony does a good job of getting and keeping people talking. A strategy similar to the ones mentioned would also do that. Ending with Halo would be a mistake.

4K Presentations

Sony made a mistake in presenting their reveal event only in 1080p. This didn’t allow for the wow factor that should have come with the Horizon reveal, or for showing off something like Gran Turismo. They showed what not to do here, so Xbox should continue showing their presentations in 4K.

Seeing the next Forza Motorsport in full 4K HDR glory will really drive home the awe factor. With both Microsoft and Sony competing to sell their console as the most powerful, any little bit helps. A 4K presentation would go a long way in that regard.

Fun, Light-Hearted Games

Xbox has struggled with the fun games that don’t take themselves too seriously. In recent years they’ve improved a little with things like Sea of Thieves, Ori and the Blind Forest, or the soon to be released Grounded. However, even those can be a little grim.

Sony has done well in this regard with the Ratchet & Clank and Little Big Planet series. Xbox has 15 studios under the Xbox Game Studios umbrella, so there’s definitely a chance that one of more of those studios are making something light-hearted.

Not every game needs to be a super serious endeavor. Sometimes a little levity is good. Sony’s been successful at this. The last Inside Xbox had none of it, so a change here would be welcome.

The Future

Both console makers are playing chicken in regards to who is going to reveal the price first. Sony showed off a surprising second console that is all digital. This could allow them to lower the price of it by as much as $50 while keeping the specs the same.

If the rumored Lockhart edition is true, they should not lower the specs on it by too much without drastically lowering the price. Poor marketing and bad messaging has hurt them in the past. Time will tell if they have learnt their lesson or if all the good they’ve done over the last few years will be flushed down the drain.

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