WWE 2K21 Cancelled, Returning Next Year?

An open letter published by 2K this week detailed the publisher’s plans for the WWE 2K series, and it’s not all good news for fans hoping to play a new installment this year.

Acknowledging the various bugs and glitches in WWE 2K20, 2K has decided against publishing a WWE game 2K game in fiscal year 2021, meaning there will be no iteration of the yearly series this year. No confirmation was given that the series would return in fiscal year 2022, only that there would be more information to come in the future.

WWE 2K20 was filled with problems, resulting in some of the worst reviews and fan reaction in franchise history

After acquiring the WWE license in 2013, 2K has struggled to find consistency with the franchise. 2K is hoping that the hiring of Patrick Gilmore as the new executive producer of the series will change WWE 2K’s fortunes. He has previously worked on such titles as Medal of Honor and Killer Instinct, and brings a quarter century worth of game development experience to the franchise.

In the meantime, wrestling fans will be able to play WWE 2K Battlegrounds, which 2K announced will get a fall 2020 release. The game features “over-the-top Superstar designs, environments, and moves.” Saber Interactive, the makers of NBA Playgrounds and World War Z, is developing the brawler.

Expect more news about the future of the WWE 2K series in coming months.

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