Why Xbox Game Pass is a Must for PC Gamers

Since its release back in 2017, Xbox Game Pass has garnered a positive reception. It’s often touted as the “Netflix of Video Games”. It has earned this title by allowing subscribers to access hundreds of games for a low monthly cost. Starting as low as $9.99/£7.99 a month you can enjoy hundreds of excellent games and discounts on both Xbox and PC. If that wasn’t quite enough, Xbox offers Game Pass Ultimate which combines Game Pass for PC and Xbox in one package. You will even be able to access the Xbox Cloud Game Streaming on Android.

With all of this in mind , here are my reasons why I think Xbox Game Pass is a must for PC Gamers.

The Games

Xbox Game Pass gives you access to hundreds of amazing games. All of them are of various categories that are sure to pique your interest. What makes this even better is Xbox exclusives. You will have access to pretty much everything Xbox Game Studios has to offer. This includes the newest titles such as Halo Infinite. Incredibly, Microsoft announced that all of their upcoming titles will be available on Xbox Game Pass upon release. This is great if you are unsure about a particular title, giving you a risk-free way of trialing a game.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any more impressive, Microsoft decided to go and purchase Bethesda! What does this mean for Game Pass owners? Everything by Bethesda will be coming to Xbox Game Pass, including the newest releases. That’s right… when Elder Scrolls 6 finally comes out, you can play it day one on Xbox Game Pass. This doesn’t just mean Bethesda titles. Id Software, Arkane and Machine Games are just a few of the developers included in the big purchase.

Cloud Gaming

Xbox have launched their Cloud Streaming service this year which is bundled with Game Pass Ultimate, which is a great advantage for PC gamers. Since Xbox backs up all of your game saves to the cloud, you can download the Xbox Cloud Gaming app on your android device or laptop and pick up right where you left off. This will be fantastic for gamers who travel but still want to fit in precious gaming time.

The Xbox game saves backup feature makes it great if you own an Xbox. I love the fact that I can play a game on my PC, and if I decide to kick back on the sofa all I need to do is go downstairs and pick up where I left off.

New Games Every Month

I love the fact that every month I have a new line up of great games to try out. This can be anything from AAA games like Resident Evil 7, to high-quality indie games like Hollow Knight. Xbox updates its catalog each month giving you brand new games to dig your teeth into. A fantastic way of allowing gamers to play games that you might not normally consider.

Join Your Xbox Buddies

The 8th console generation has made cross-platform play standard across most online games. This is something I would never have thought possible back in the Xbox 360 days. No longer do you need to feel divided on which system to purchase your favorite games. Xbox Game Pass allows you to have the entire Xbox ecosystem on your PC thanks to the Xbox app on Windows 10. This gives you access to your Xbox friends list. You can host and join Xbox live parties and invite friends to online matches. The best part is you have a huge catalog of games to choose from so you never have to feel left out. Just be aware that some of your friends may not like going against keyboard and mouse players. It can be brutal if you are using a controller, especially in FPS games like Call of Duty.

The First Month is How Much?

If none of the above reasons persuaded you to try Xbox Game Pass, then allow me to add a sweetener. You can try Xbox Game Pass right now for only $1/£1 for your first month. You would be hard-pressed to find the same kind of value for gaming anywhere else. It gives gamers exceptional value for money and offers fantastic features in a nice well rounded package. It makes me incredibly excited to see what Xbox will add in the future.

Do you think Xbox Game Pass is worth its monthly subscription? Let us know your thoughts in the forums! For all things Xbox, stay tuned to Generation Xbox! Check out some more articles from our team:

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