Which Country Should Playground Games Focus On For Its New Forza Horizon Installment?

Playground Games is without any doubt in the most important moment of its career. Responsible for the revival of the Fable saga and keeping the Forza Horizon series at the top of the pole. The future seems to paint more than positive for the British study, being a bastion plus Xbox Games Studios.

Today we are going to talk about Forza Horizon, a franchise known for presenting the most incredible exhibition events in the driving game market, in which we can compete against boats, trains, helicopters, cars of the future, motorcycles and everything that comes to mind… However, a key element of all his deliveries has been the setting chosen for each occasion. Presenting a wide range of settings of all kinds, whether it was driving through narrow city streets, long highways or incredible natural landscapes, the feeling of being in a wonderful open world has always been a hallmark of this franchise.

So far the Horizon Festival has traveled all over the world: Colorado (USA), the southeastern region of Franco-Italian Europe, Australia and Great Britain. Although there are many features and novelties that the franchise could include in an installment, the question that all fans ask is much simpler: where in the world will Forza Horizon 5 be located? So, we have decided to present you some of the options that we would like to see in this new installment.


Since your neighbor USA appeared in the first installment, why not include “oooooh, Canada” in a Forza Horizon installment? Canada is a setting that could provide a fun combination of snowy and mountainous terrain. Also as in other countries, lots of green areas. Canada’s pine and spruce forests are full of potential for wild racing on dirt roads; as it is the third most forested country in the world by area.

The coastal regions of Canada would also be very different from anything seen now in the Forza Horizon saga. The coasts of Forza are usually designed as paradises on earth, visual spectacles full of colors for more showiness. But the Canadian coasts are home to a large number of fishing grounds and machinery. This makes it possible to present a coast that may not be so beautiful, but with a more intricate design.


If you have ever traveled to Germany, surely this option has not been overlooked. Germany has something that very few places have: how incredibly varied it’s geography is, including large cities, vast rural areas and nature everywhere.

It has from large and renowned cities such as Berlin, Munich, Dortmund; but it also has smaller cities with a wonderful charm, such as Heidelberg or Bremen. In addition, a Forza Horizon in Germany could benefit from nature-filled areas. Areas such as the magnificent Black Forest in the southwest, with it’s many lakes, forests and waterfalls. Quite a show to see how the passing of the seasons affects these places.


Norway is one of those countries that takes your breath away when you set foot in them. The Norwegian Fjords are undoubtedly the main exponent of the place. In it we can also find incredible and unique roads with an impressive landscape behind. Due to it’s extensive lakes and fjords, road routes are one of the recommendations in any guide. Whether following the famous Varanger, And√łya route or the 142mi of Lofoten.

It’s icy climate, offering us postcards to remember, together with the variety of environments available, make the Scandinavian country a more than wise choice.


Perhaps it is the option that has the least possibilities. We can have street roads in Barcelona, Madrid or Seville; passing in front of it’s main and recognizable monuments. It has a good dose of coastal roads next to the Mediterranean or Cantabrian Sea. In Spain there also is a wide variety of environments, from the mountain areas of the Pyrenees, through the Asturian forests or the long southern motorways.

If Spain were chosen, surely we would enjoy a delivery very similar to Forza Horizon 3, where highways are mixed with small roads and dirt roads. Spain would be a good option for those who were not so captivated by the fourth installment and would like to enjoy what they saw in the third again.

Well, these would be our bets for the fifth installment of Forza Horizon. Surely we have left out many options that you will have thought.

What do you think of Forza Horizon 5? Let us know in the forums. Stay tuned to Generation Xbox for more features and everything else from the world of Xbox!

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