What Is The Max Level In Maneater?

Maneater is the first ShaRkPG, in which you take control of a shark and level it up to grow stronger. As you explore the ocean and level up, your shark will grow bigger, taking you from a little shark pup to a true apex predator. This guide will cover everything that you need to know about leveling up in the action-RPG, including what the max level is for your shark in Maneater.

What Is The Max Level In Maneater?

Maneater Box Art Title Shark Attacking a man max level

The max level for your shark in Maneater is level 30. You start the game as a level 1 pup, but over time you will grow into a terrifying beast. The list below shows at which levels you grow into a bigger shark in Maneater:

  • Pup – Level 1
  • Teen – Level 4
  • Adult – Level 10
  • Elder – Level 20
  • Mega – Level 30

As you level up, you will also unlock new powers, such as double jump, and be able to access new areas of the map.

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How Do You Level Up In Maneater?

Maneater Shark max level

As you kill other creatures and humans, complete missions, and find collectibles, your shark will earn XP. This will steadily increase your level and help your shark grow. If you want to level up quickly, make sure that you kill everything that you see. This will ensure that you get the maximum XP possible and rip through the 30 levels to become a Mega Shark. As you grow stronger, you will be able to fight other apex predators in boss fights, which will net you large sums of XP. There is an apex predator in each region of the map, such as the Golden Coast’s Mako Shark, that you can fight.

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