What I’d Love To Sea…Ahem!…See…Added To Sea of Thieves

Who can truly say they don’t enjoy playing as a pirate in video games? From the early days of classics like Sid Meier’s: Pirates to more modern titles like Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, it’s definitely a pirates life for me!

So, when Microsoft Studios announced Sea of Thieves at E3 way back in 2015 I for one was a very excited buccaneer.

Since its launch in 2018, Sea of Thieves has received 23 updates of varying sizes that have introduced many new elements to this heartily loved game. From arena battles to increased cosmetic choices, Sea of Thieves is almost unrecognisable from the fairly bare bones game it was when it first released. This swashbuckling, grog swilling adventure game has always been heralded as an undeniably beautiful experience but in its early voyage on to the Xbox One, Sea of Thieves received criticism from players for it’s lack of in game content and variation. This criticism appears to be fading into the sea fog with every new game patch that is announced, including the most recent one titled ‘Ships of Fortune’. The Ships of Fortune update was released on 22nd April 2020 and with it came a whole treasure trove of changes and additions including:

  • The ability to become an emissary for your favorite Trading Company
  • The Introduction of a new Trading Company, The Reapers Bones
  • An overhaul of the Arena game type

All this got me to thinking, what additions would I like to see brought into the stunning world of Sea of Thieves?!

Now I’m no expert on game production or design so the following ‘wish list’ of additions may seem hard to achieve or may be a programmers nightmare but a pirate can dream right?

First up I’d really like the developers to add a way for characters to breathe for longer underwater. I’m sure we’ve all been in a situation where your deep diving a shipwreck only to run out of air and then in the ensuing panic get stuck on the ships hull as you fight to make it back to the surface.
I think players should be able to find or buy some kind of snorkel or enchanted trinket that allows them to stay underwater that little bit longer. It could potentially be hand held, so when a treasure chest, gem or piece of valuable cargo is discovered the player would have to unequip the item and then swim to the surface like normal, thus not removing the challenge of sunken ship scavenging completely.

Next on the wish list is satchels. No one can truly say they enjoy inventory management, right? And I for one am so used to items being automatically added to my inventory in other games. These satchels could again be purchased from outposts and come in varying designs allowing for that all-important character personalisation.

As far as functionality goes, players would be able to store small items like keys, gems etc, without having to constantly go back to the ship and deposit their plunder. Of course, when the player dies the satchel would be left behind and the scurvy dogs that sent them to see the ferryman would be able to loot all that is inside.

I know there has been the addition of chests, which can store up to 3 small items but I think the aesthetic of a satchel and the increased inventory space it would provide would be a great benefit to players.

Another wish on my list is to see an increase of weapon choices. Sea of Thieves designers obviously need to stay true to the themes of the period and technology that would be available but I’d love to see a bigger arsenal of weapons at the players disposal. Blunder bombs and fire bombs are the newest items to have been added which give PVP and PVE duals a fun and explosive dynamic but I think having crossbows and/or bows and arrows would give further depth and skill to the PVP side of the game. This could also give developers the option of creating lots of interesting types of arrows, for example, arrows that make enemies uncontrollably dance, make them more drunk than a thousand grogs or poison them like the bite of a snake, the options are limitless. This would also tie in with the theme and variety that is offered with cannonballs.

On the subject of extra weapons, daggers would be a nice implementation also. The dagger would cause lower damage than the cutlasses and rapiers but the attack speed could be much higher. Also think of all those pretty blade engravings that could be added through customisation.

The wish list now moves on to ship additions. Ship naming is an inclusion I’d really like to see. Every frequent Sea of Thieves player has probably already picked out a name for their ship but it would be amazing if players could properly name their ships in game. Proudly displaying your chosen name on the hull of your ship would give players that extra fear and glory when in a sea battle. This could be deployed via the ship customisation chest at any outpost, a simple painted on text to the side of your ships hull, think of all the screen shot opportunities!

An increased variety of ship aesthetics is also on my list. I know the developers are adding new ship figure heads and sail designs all the time but I would like to see this go further, for example, adding a plank on the deck in order to make your fellow ship mates ‘walk the plank!’ when there is talk of a mutiny. A choice of unlockable trophies you can display on your cabin walls, as a sort of wall of fame, showing your Tall Tale achievements or if you’ve defeated a Megalodon. I think all these kinds of personalisation’s will keep even the surliest of pirates merrier than a gut load of grog!

I’m sure I could go on and on with this wish list but I will leave it there for now, I’m also certain that other Sea of Thieves players will have their own wish list and ideas they would love to see implemented into Sea of Thieves, so please be sure to let us know what your pirate minds come up with.

Until next time, keep a weathered eye on the horizon mateys, and stay tuned to Generation Xbox!

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