Ultimate Fishing Simulator Review

Before we begin, let me start by saying that I have only fished once in my life, and I was terrible. That being said, playing this game was a very unique and very fun experience for me. Ultimate Fishing Simulator definitely changed the way I thought of fishing. From the beautiful vast sceneries, all the way to the detailed customization of your equipment, this game draws you in. What can I say, I’m hooked! Get it… hooked. Isn’t this just kraken you up? No? Alright, let’s get on with the game.

The Game

Now, like I said, I do not know what I’m doing when it comes to fishing, so I needed all the help I could get playing this game. Luckily, this game has two mode options, normal or realistic. You can probably guess which mode I selected. Loading up the game, it just drops you into the first location with a fishing rod. However, the game does give you some hints on how to play the game to get you started. Also, if you run into issues with catching some fish, there is a fish encyclopedia for you to look at. This encyclopedia has 3D models of every type of fish and even gives in depth detail on each fish and how to catch them. Knowing which lure to use, best weather condition, and much more definitely helps the new fishers find their way to becoming pros.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator caught fish


The controls of this game were actually pretty smooth. Coming from no fishing background, I thought that I would have an incredibly hard time figuring out the logistics behind fishing. But, I was wrong. The controls were simple and logical. From the tension that occurred when reeling in a fish to luring a fish to bite, the controls were explained well and easy to manage.


The scenery of Ultimate Fishing Simulator is beyond belief. The detail that was put into each location is incredible. In total, there are nine locations for you to explore while you go fishing. Each location has different fish and different ways to fish. From fishing in Louisiana swamps to high mountain fishing, the locations help show you the wide range of fish and fishing techniques. In some locations, you even get to drive a boat! How fin-tastic is that?! Another cool feature of this game is the weather and time controls. You can choose to fish during the day or during the night. As well, you can even select different weather to fish in. Depending on the time of day and weather you select, different fish will bite.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator multiplayer

Making Progress

In Ultimate Fishing Simulator, there is a leveling system. As you catch more fish, you earn money and experience. As you earn money and experience, you gain levels, which give you access to skills and new locations. Some skills that unlock are hunter vision, the ability to use boats, and the ability to use an auger. These skills come in handy as you gain access to the new locations and new fish, giving you an edge on your prey. To access all these nifty skills and new equipment you may need, look no further than the inventory shop. The inventory shop allows you to purchase all of your fishing needs from a new lure and new fishing rod all the way to new skills.


For my multiplayer people out there, Ultimate Fishing Simulator has got you covered. The multiplayer option in this game allows players to fish with friends or other random players, which is always fun. Playing games with friends always makes a game so much more fun. However, here’s where the multiplayer option lacks. One thing that takes away from multiplayer is the player avatars. These avatars look like transparent chess pieces with their name above their heads. This takes away the actual feeling of being in a party with your friends, and makes it feel more like a virtual reality hangout.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator trophy room

Achievement Hunters

To all of you out there thinking to yourselves: “How do I brag about the fish I caught?” Have no fear because there is a trophy room for hanging your biggest and most incredible catches. These trophies hang on the walls in your lodge, allowing you to bask in your incredible fishing skills. This feature of the game gives all you achievement hunters out there a reason to keep on playing. And, being an achievement hunter myself, I am definitely going to keep playing this game until every section of my walls are covered in my best catches of the game.

After playing several hours of this game, I have an incredible appreciation for fishing and the skill that goes into it, and I can’t wait to play more of this game.

Do you like fishing? Did this game encompass all that fishing has to offer? Click here to buy Ultimate Fishing Simulator on the Microsoft store for $29.99. Leave a comment down below and let us know what you think. And, as always, stay tuned on Generation Xbox for the latest gaming news and more!

Note: We received a review code from PlayWay S. A.


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