Ubisoft Forward September 2020 Pre-Show

Ubisoft’s September 2020 Forward Event happened today, and it all kicked off with the Pre-Show. This Pre-Show gave lots of news on updates coming to current Ubisoft titles and showcased some gameplay for various titles you can play right now.


It all kicked off with a few matches of the wild fighting game Brawlhalla. The game originally released in 2017 and has since had lots of updates and content crossovers. Today, they showed off a few of the crazy modes and characters, including a brawl between Rayman and the Undertaker. The game recently released on iOS and Android phones in August, expanding the playerbase even further than it’s 40 million other players across consoles and PC. All these platforms have crossplay available, so the playerbase is only getting bigger!

Just Dance 2021

We got a look at some of the songs coming to Just Dance 2021 when it launches on November 10th 2020. They showed a range of songs, including The Weeknd’s ‘Blinding Lights’, Alex Newell’s ‘Boy You Can Keep It’ and Eminem’s ‘Without Me’. Eminem’s ‘Without Me’ is also available on Just Dance Unlimited now for one week. The game is available to preorder here.

The Crew 2

The Crew 2 team announced a third year of support, with 6 content drops from November 2020 through 2021. In November, a new series of seasons begins. Each will last 4 months and comprise of two episodes. You will be hired by Motorflix, a fictional TV company that will hire you to partake in crazy movie car chases and action-packed sequences. This all kicks off this November with Season 1, Episode 1 ‘The Chase’. In the meantime, the LA Low Riders event will come to The Crew 2 on September 23rd.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

Ubisoft put the spotlight on Ghost Recon: Breakpoint next. They announced it is getting a new piece of Year One content named Red Patriot. This is the third episode and final content drop for the season pass. This includes two new missions to play for free for everyone, whether they own the season pass or not. Season pass holders get access to 10 new missions, all with exclusive rewards. The new DLC will also include a new class, called the Pathfinder. In this DLC, players will fight against a Russian Ultranationalist group called Raven’s Rock. Red Patriot will launch on September 15th 2020.

Roller Champions

After lots of testing since it’s reveal at E3 2019, we got a look at Roller Champions which is confirmed to be coming early 2021. The team have been busy implementing player feedback into the game after lots of playtesting. A few players shared their experiences and promised a really fun title. We won’t have to wait long to hear more either! Starting October, we will get a behind the scenes look at the development of Roller Champions. This will include developer diaries and gameplay commentaries. Roller Champions will release early 2021 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. It will probably be compatible with the next-gen consoles too.

For Honor

Ubisoft also showed a sneak peek at the content coming in For Honor Year 4 Season 3, titled Resistance. This season begins on September 17th 2020, and promises to be rather gloomy. In lighter news, Ubisoft also shared that For Honor recently hit 25 million players total.

The Division 2

The Division 2 is getting a new game mode called The Summit. This new mission tasks players with ascending 100 floors of a tower to reach the top. The higher you climb, the tougher it gets – and it will have a tough boss battle at the top. The Summit will launch alongside Season 3 on September 22nd. The team also teased Codename Nightmare, a limited special event coming this Winter as part of Season 4. There will be more on that in the coming months. We also got official confirmation the The Division 2 will be backwards compatible on the next-gen consoles.

That’s everything that was shown during the Ubisoft Forward September 2020 Pre-Show! What did you think of the event? Let us know over on the forums, or on our social media! Make sure to also check out our breakdown of everything shown in the main Ubisoft Forward September show here. You can also find our coverage on the recently revealed Xbox Series S here. For all the latest gaming news, stay tuned to Generation Xbox!


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