Top Five Rarest Collector’s Editions in the History of Xbox

If you’re like me, then I know that you love to find those rare collectors editions filled with fun extra goodies and art books. And especially my personal favorite inclusions, statues and steel books. Luckily Xbox is no stranger to massive and incredibly limited collector runs. Here we will look at the rarest, and most expensive collectors editions on Xbox.

Most gamers understand that those limited, highly coveted editions of their favorite games are going to run them a pretty penny. What most people don’t realize however is how much more valuable these editions grow to be. Here we will be examining the astounding and rare collectors’ editions that have graced Xbox in the past decade and beyond. So, be prepared to hide your wallet, as some of these are fairly tempting.

Honorable Mentions

The games here in the Honorable Mentions either didn’t quite hit the price bracket or just weren’t quite as rare to find as others. I put Steel Battalion in the honorable mentions as it usually graces many of these lists, however, the demand isn’t quite as high as some other titles.

5. The Master Edition for Assassins Creed II – $320

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Upon initial release, this edition was around $80 and included an 8.5-inch tall statue of the series protagonist Ezio Auditore, a hardcover art book, a bonus disc with the soundtrack, and a “making of” featurette. It also included two in-game maps for the multiplayer modes.

This bundle was exclusive to GameStop, like many others, explaining why it was so limited. However, the passage of time has somewhat kind to this edition as you can currently find listings between $80 – $110. The Master edition at its height in rarity went for as high as a whopping $320 (though that may seem like chump change by the end of this list).

It is an excellent starting point for this list and a good baseline for rarity and expense, that will exponentially rise as we proceed.

Personally I think that the edition is worth it for the statue artbook combo alone. If Ezio is your favorite assassin, then this statue in the now iconic pose will be a crown jewel in your collection.

4. Titanfall 1 & 2 Vanguard Editions – $450-$560

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Titanfall went big as a new IP and took a risk with an absolute gem of a collectors edition. Included above is an 18” statue of a Titan as well as a hardcover art book and a variety of other goodies. Upon initial release, this edition would run you around $250-$350, but as of this writing, listings on Amazon go anywhere from $489.99 – $559.99 with another $40 in shipping costs. If you missed this one upon the initial release you might have to forego that car payment to solidify your mecha collection. Who needs a car when you have a giant Mech on your bookcase?

Having seen this one in person, due to a very lucky friend, I can say that you definitely get a lot for your money. The statue is massive at that 18″ and the artbook is fantastic. It is definitely a head-turner.

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Similarly, Titanfall 2 also went big with the Vanguard Edition a couple of years later. They included a life-size replica of the pilot helmet, with LEDs. The scarf is a nice touch as well and is surely something that cosplayers and convention goers would love to have in their collection. At retail, the Vanguard edition sold for $250. Currently, this edition is unavailable on Amazon but a few 3rd party sellers on eBay have it listed between $400-450. So while not entirely as expensive as Titanfall‘s original Collectors edition it is in the same ballpark.

This edition is an excellent complement to the first one, and a must-have for anybody who loves those sci-fi helmet designs, and picked up Master Chief’s helmet back in the day. A true classic for any sci-fi or mecha fan.

3. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Signature Edition – ~$850

The often overlooked, but decidedly excellent, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning came out swinging. The signature edition of KoA:R didn’t skimp on goodies either. In addition to a Troll Statue and sketches signed by Todd McFarlane, you also get a real-life version of the game’s destiny cards and a dice set with a bag. Unfortunately, this edition was limited to 300 copies.

The scarcity of which has caused this now cult classic to surge in price with online retailers. Looking on eBay a majority of the existing copies have been split up, with some selling the Troll and McFarlane Sketches by themselves. If you’re looking at grabbing the whole collection though, you’re looking at upwards of $850 dollars.

The silver lining here is that a lot of people have parted up the collector’s edition, usually with the signed sketches/lithographs and statues bundled together without the game.

Truly it was a game that deserved more love than it got, and luckily some people will get the chance to revisit it with the upcoming remaster. Though there’s no word on exclusive Todd Mcfarlane signed items this time around, even if one can hope.

2. Saints Row IV Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition a.k.a. The Million Dollar Pack – $1 Million.

Now we have entered the territory of the ridiculous. Saints Row IV Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition, comically abbreviated as the SRIVSDWWE[akatMDP] edition includes perks that seem absurd. Not only do you get a flight into the upper atmosphere, but also a Lamborghini, a Toyota, a real-life Dubstep Cannon, and much more.

While this edition seems like another of the series tongue-in-cheek jokes, it is only half-joking. It is incredibly rare as only one was ever made available, like the number one on this list. and there is still no news as to whether or not someone ever bought this edition. An initial Reddit post in 2013 sought to see if someone picked it up, and again in 2018. It seems that the jury is still out.

Though you might be better off buying each item individually, there is no other way to be the sole owner of this coveted edition as only one was ever made.

1. Dying Light Spotlight Edition – $10 Million

In our number one spot, we have one of the most insanely expensive collectors editions. This edition was brought out for Dying Lights: The Following DLC. Not only does it get you a speaking role in the planned Dying Light movie, but acting lessons and a full screening tour.

The word is still out on whether or not the Dying Light movie will ever see the light of day, but the other perks do sound pretty intense. But are they $10 million intense? I would argue probably not, as you could probably build your own racetrack and tour the world and be fine for life.

Maybe there is one person among the ultra rich who is completely obsesssed with zombies. Eitehr way, one thing you can’t deny is that this is one of the most unique collectors editions to be released in the market.

This edition is packed to the brim with goodies, but do you think it is worth the sky-high price of admission? Let us know what you think in the comments and on Twitter, which you can follow from the link below.

What is the most expensive collectors edition you have purchased? Stay tuned to Generation Xbox for all the latest in news, reviews, and everything else in the world of Xbox.

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