Top 5 Microsoft Moments at E3

Good ol’ E3. Video game Christmas as some call it. Wether it be for all the awesome good reasons or all the hilariously bad reasons, the Electronic Entertainment Expo never stopped being a source of entertainment for gamers around the world.

Microsoft’s E3 output has been a pretty mixed bag over the years. They have had great moments but there are some moments that are quite frankly…humorous with how odd they are. Here, we are going to discuss the best moments they have at E3.

And here we go:

Xbox 360 Slim’s On The House – E3 2010

2010 was a really good year for gaming all around with a lot of fantastic titles released and being among the better E3’s for the big companies. Microsoft in particular had a really unexpected, almost heartwarming, moment when they unveiled the Xbox 360 Slim. Not only was it unveiled in said conference…

…but to everyone that was in the audience, they gave it away to them for free right on the house. This moment was very unexpected and a huge crowd pleaser, especially to the audience. I guess receiving a newly unveiled console for free from the very company who manufactured it will do that to you.

A heartwarming moment from Microsoft on an already good year for games and due to this moment, it set up quite a bit of goodwill for the company for the seeming years to come.

Xbox One Backward Compatibility – E3 2015

Throughout the early years of the Xbox One’s history, Microsoft was really struggling keeping momentum on their new console for rather obvious reasons. This moment right here on E3 2015, however, sparked a resurgence of interest on the Xbox brand.

Backwards compatibility was a feature becoming more and more expensive for console manufacturers and at first, the best idea for them was to outright remove to cut costs. However, it was a feature that was heavily enjoyed by players due to the sheer convenience of it: being able to play previous generations games on newer generation hardware.

When this announcement was showcased at E3 2015, the crowd went wild for good reason. People didn’t expect this due to Microsoft’s sheer lack of momentum at the time and this gave them something that the Playstation 4 wouldn’t have and would have benefited from having.

E3 2015 was a good conference for Microsoft and this announcement was one of the reasons as to why. It sparked interest in the Xbox brand after it was at quite a low and made more appeasing to people to try and buy.

Halo: Infinite being a Series X launch title – E3 2019

Oh boy, was this quite the megaton announcement for Microsoft. The Xbox Series X, originally codenamed Scorpio and then Scarlet, already had a lot of build up and promise with how Microsoft has been handling it. Then E3 2019 came around and Phil Spencer said:

“Because humanity was and is worth saving, next holiday, we will launch Project Scarlet with Halo”.

Folks, this is the equivalent of the The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild being a launch title for the Nintendo Switch. This was huge news and a big deal for Microsoft as a whole. Halo has not been a launch title for an Xbox console since the very first Xbox and the promises Infinite is showing made this announcement all the sweeter.

This announcement showcased that Microsoft was going all out for the Xbox Series X and had full faith on Halo: Infinite delivering the goods as a launch title for people to enjoy.

Keanu Reeves – E3 2019

This was an obvious pick for reasons you already know and for reasons I’m going to explain anyway.

Cyberpunk 2077 was already a massively anticipated title in the eyes of the gaming public and the trailer showcased in Microsoft’s conference excited everyone because it finally gave us a release date for the game. Then just as we thought it was over…

…Keanu Reeves shows up as Johnny Silverhand. This shocked and pleased everyone around the world. It’s one of the moments where if you didn’t know about Cyberpunk 2077, this certainly made you pay attention to it. Then he actually showed up in conference! And gave us one of the most breathtakingly heartwarming moments in E3 history.

It’s a meme at this point, but awesome moments like this are what make E3 what it is. This moment will go down as one of the more memorable moments in Microsoft’s history at E3.

Devil May Cry 5 Announcement – E3 2018

This is here on the fact that it brought back a beloved franchise from a seemingly dead status. And it did so with much stylish gusto as it could muster…as “Devil May Cry is back!”

Devil May Cry 5‘s announcement may not have been as impactful as the other moments here, but like stated, it brought back the series from the dead and made it relevant again. After DmC: Devil May Cry, seeing this game go back to what made the franchise what it is to begin with excited many a fan of the series.

It also helps that the game itself delivered upon release and became one of the very best games of 2019. Capcom was on a roll with it’s announcements and games and this game was one of them and it was unveiled in Microsoft’s E3 2018 conference to delight of everyone.

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