Top 5 Indie Games I’m Looking Forward To In 2021!

Hello I’m Sean, and I’m a writer here at Generation Xbox. I like indie games for a number of reasons, so I decided to write you a list of indie games I’ll be keeping an eye on in 2021.

5. Lake

A talented woman from the big city (who probably rakes in thousands of dollars) travels to her home town for a break. She becomes a post person and what’s next in the story is up to you. Emotionally attached to her home town, she’ll have to chose between staying and delivering post or going back to her job in the city. The ability to determine your own story and not just follow one imagined by the developers sounds fun to me.

4. Dead Static Drive

A person has done many bad things and the police are after him. He writes a letter to his father imploring him to stay safe, and hopes that the cops haven’t reached him yet. The character sets out to get to his father’s home before the police do by stealing someone’s car. I’m excited for this game because the sense of excitement when you’re trying to get away from the cops. Also, the game looks beautiful with nice graphical style and beautiful color palette.

3. Tunic

Tunic is an adorable little adventure game set in spooky ruins and weird castles. The main character is a fox, fighting off creatures and mobs to survive. The graphics in this game also look superb, but my worry is that it looks too similar to Minecraft Dungeons. Apart from that, the game looks brilliant and from the information we have about it, it sounds great too. Tunic is anticipated to launch in 2021 on Steam and exclusively on consoles via the Xbox One.

2. The Artful Escape

The Artful Escape is about a popstar who mourns the loss of another popstar. Some of the game is based in the original popstar’s head and all takes place the night before his debut show. The game is set in this chat show studio for sometime as well as in this bloke’s head. The game includes some musical jams, and you can make your own persona on stage. And as information as we have, I’m not too sure how it’s going to fit together in the game. Whether you spend a lot of time or just a bit inside the character’s head, I’m not sure. But It looks and sounds great from what I have learned so far.

1. BackBone

Backbone is the indie title I am most excited for. This is a game where you’re a detective racoon interrogating other animals in a dystopian version of Vancouver BC. I like this game because the plot line sounds a lot like the film The Happytime Murders. I quite like the vision of this detective racoon going around crime scenes, acting like Agent Campbell. The game also just looks fantastic with the dark dingy vibe about it, and complimentary art style. It was also published by Raw Fury the team that brought us Mosaic, Night Call, West of Dead, and of course Call of the Sea.

Well there they are… what a line-up! A close call I have to say as all of these games look brilliant. But only one of them could be in the number one spot. Thanks for joining me on this top 5 I hope you stick around and read some more of our articles.

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