Timberman VS Review

Timberman VS is a game of lumberjacking and branch dodging, where there are only two controls and one objective: to chop the most wood. It combines pixelated graphics and rage-worthy gameplay to form a game that creates memories while playing with friends or family.


There are only 3 game modes: race, hero, and classic. Classic is the infinite version of the chopping experience, where you go for as long as you can while maintaining a certain speed. You have to chop to either the left or the right while avoiding branches on either side, making it a surprisingly difficult game. I played it for a couple of days and the highest score I could get was only about 300!

Meanwhile, the hero mode is a mini adventure built-in which you have to chop down a burning tree to save a nest of baby birds on the top. It’s the same controls and gameplay of chopping and dodging branches, except now there is a certain goal you have to meet to rescue the birds. It’s definitely the most enjoyable solo game mode because you actually have a goal to complete, and you earn extra XP for saving the birds!

Now the last game mode of Timberman VS is in my opinion, the best out of them all. The game in its entirety is very minimalist, with not too much detail or especially interesting appeal from gameplay alone. But I found the multiplayer race game mode to be fast paced, exciting, family fun. Having some competition brings this game to life. Also, there is another control in race. Along with LT and RT moving left to right, you also have Y as a boost! You can use the boost if you keep your mini lumberjack speed bar filled, and the first one to meet the goal, wins!

Graphics and Sound

The graphics of this game are pretty generic, but they make up for it with multiple background locations and new characters to unlock. This keeps the game feeling fresh despite the repetitive gameplay. But the only initiative I see to constantly play this game is to unlock all of the characters. And even with that, the characters are all cosmetic, so there really isn’t any longevity of playtime in the game. If each character had a special powerup however, it would be a different story. I think the game would have been way more interesting if each character had distinct skills and traits, to provide something different to the game every time you play. Otherwise, the graphics don’t really bring a lot to the table as far as being interesting.

On the other hand, the sound is perfect. It’s a simple song playing in the background that gets fast-paced during gameplay to bring intensity to the game. And the log chopping sound is sooooooo satisfying. The *clunk* for every log perfectly embraces the idea of the game. It doesn’t add too much but it’s just enough. The sound is one part of the game that I really enjoy.

The one thing I love about Timberman VS is actually the simplicity of it. There’s not too much going on, and it’s mostly about the experience. I appreciate the fact that the developers kept the game this way so that it’s not over the top. The game makes sure that it’s fun and competitive, to give way to the actual in-life experiences you have playing the game with friends.


When you rely on one factor to carry the rest of the game, you encounter some potholes. Even though multiplayer is enjoyable, single-player is bland and boring after just an hour. There’s no story or initiative to play this game by yourself, which is something I think the developers should’ve taken into account. Just a couple of mini dialogues could’ve done the job, but instead, the mode was ignored entirely. Considering they could’ve easily altered this, it’s a disappointing problem.

When you look at the game as a whole, it seems rushed and incomplete. There could’ve been so many easy additions that would’ve taken this game to a whole other level, but it just doesn’t come that way. I wish the developers took every single point and detail into play because the game feels like a demo with only one game mode.

Final Verdict

I think Timberman VS is a good game with a lot of potential. It’s super fun to play with friends and family because of how competitive it is. It also has great sound and controls, bringing together fun gameplay. But it’s not at where it could be. If the game had a storyline and characters with abilities, it would’ve been so much better. But otherwise, Timberman VS is an enjoyable and simple game that I think is worth a play.

You can purchase Timberman VS for $1.99 from the Microsoft store. Stay tuned to Generation Xbox for more reviews.

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