This Week on Xbox Game Pass (11/8-11/14)

Folks, this week is no ordinary week. The long-awaited Xbox Series X|S releases this week, with many unboxing consoles as I write. But, this week isn’t just special because of new hardware. No, this week, Xbox adds six new entries to Game Pass, as well as the entire EA Play lineup. For all you lucky next-gen adopters, as well as those among us that won’t be receiving a new console on launch day, here is a look at what’s coming to us this week on Xbox Game Pass.

New Entries

This edition of This Week on Xbox Game Pass is no normal one. I’ve got seven fresh titles to tell you about, however, there is even more new content out there than that. As we learned a few days ago, titles like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order are going to be added to EA Play. Couple this with the existing catalog and you’ve got a rather long list. Rather than list out the entire EA Play roster, in this article, I will simply direct you to the official EA Play game lineup. As for native Game Pass titles, let’s take a look:

Gears Tactics (Nov. 9) – Console & Android

Are you a fan of Gears of War and turn-based strategy games? You’re in luck! Gears Tactics, which was released back in April for PC, is now available for Console and Android. Battle the alien horde from high in the sky, rather than right behind your gun-mounted chainsaw.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light (Nov. 10) – Console & Android

As I recently learned, Destiny 2 is no easy approach for beginners to the franchise. At this point in its life-cycle, the second entry into the franchise is steeped in lore and game mechanics. For lovers of the game, the Beyond Light expansion is bound to please — bringing a new story campaign and location to the critically acclaimed sci-fi shooter.

Planet Coaster: Console Edition (Nov. 10) – Console & Android

The departure of ScreamRide from Xbox Game Pass (good riddance, honestly) left an incredibly niche void in the service. ScreamRide was genuinely terrible. It didn’t come close to capturing the nostalgia of the early Roller Coaster Tycoon games of yore. Luckily, Planet Coaster is here to save the day with a more traditional concept and excellent critical reviews.

Tetris Effect: Connected (Nov. 10) – Console & PC

One of the most beloved puzzle games is remastered yet again in Tetris Effect: Connected. The original Tetris Effect was met with extraordinary fanfare in 2018. This version allows both competitive and co-operative multiplayer for both local and online.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered (Nov. 12) – Console & PC

This week on Xbox Game Pass, players on console and PC are able to experience the beautiful remaster of one of Square’s most acclaimed JRPGs. Relive a piece of gaming history with all new visuals, and take down the forces of Edea for good.

Streets of Rogue (Nov. 12) – PC

Engage in frenetic top-down roguelite action with Streets of Rogue, soon to be available for Xbox Game Pass for PC. Unlike the typical dungeon settings of many roguelites, Streets of Rogue utilizes a procedurally-generated city as the backdrop for free-form experimental gameplay.

No Losses

This week on Xbox Game Pass, there are no losses to speak of! Go bask in the glory of the new and interesting.

Since you’ve spent a moment to take a gander at the situation this week on Xbox Game Pass, why don’t you come check out some of our reviews? We won’t bite. If you don’t have Game Pass be sure to check out our November Games with Gold update too.

Watch Dogs: Legion | 9 Monkeys of Shaolin | Inertial Drift

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