This Week on Xbox Game Pass (11/29-12/6)

This is a big one. Maybe not as big as when EA Play got added, but I’m just gonna come out and say it: this week we get to play Control for free! In case you lived under a rock, or 2020 just gave you amnesia, Control was one of the most critically acclaimed games last year. Those who haven’t laid down the cash to buy it yet finally have their patience rewarded. This week on Xbox Game Pass, we also have a bevy of other games joining the ranks. Let’s take a look and see what’s what.

What are we Gaining?

Control (12/3) – Android & Console

I’m sure there are at least a few folks that just bought Control last week. Sorry about that, friends. Better luck next time. Meanwhile, the rest of us get to enjoy the never-ending machinations of the Oldest House for only the cost of our subscriptions this week.

Find out more about Control on the Microsoft Store.

Doom Eternal (12/3) – PC

Doom Eternal is another heavy-hitter this week on Xbox Game Pass. Sure, console players already had access to it, but now all our sisters and brothers of the PC realm can access this FPS masterpiece on Game Pass as well.

Find out more about Doom Eternal on the Microsoft Store.

Haven (12/3) – Console & PC

Take full charge of the powers of love in this unique indie title from The Game Bakers. Haven takes a unique approach to gameplay, allowing the player to play both characters simultaneously. Follow the story of these two lovers as they fight what seeks to separate them.

Find Haven on the Microsoft Store.

Rage 2 (12/3) – Android

Presumably, diving deep into the Bethesda acquisition earlier in the year, Microsoft has officially added Rage 2 to the lineup this week on Xbox Game Pass. Fans of high-action shooters can blast through neon wasteland to their heart’s content.

Find Rage 2 on the Microsoft Store.

Slime Rancher (12/3) – Android & Console

Fans of adorable indie darlings are sure to love these titular slimes because OH MY GOD, LOOK AT THEM. The colorful snot-balls are equal parts adorable, revolting, and oddly delicious-looking. In terms of gameplay, Slime Rancher seeks to see the player successfully wrangle a whole lot of slimes and make a fortune doing it.

Find Slime Rancher on the Microsoft Store.

Va-11 Hall A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action (12/3) – PC

Mix up drinks and change some lives this week on Xbox Game Pass. Play as Jill Stingray, bartender of the cyberpunk Va-11 Hall A bar. Your decisions mean everything to your patrons and the story in this beautifully pixelly indie title.

Find Va-11 Hall A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action on the Microsoft Store.

Yes, Your Grace (12/3) – Android, Console, & PC

It might not be a war simulator quite like Mount & Blade, but this week on Xbox Game Pass, we do get something to satisfy our Medieval simulation craving. Yes, Your Grace, allows players to listen to the whims and needs of their subjects as they guide the kingdom to either glory or demise.

Find Yes, Your Grace on the Microsoft Store.

Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition (12/4) – Console & PC

Get your JRPG fix through one of the most storied franchises in the medium. This version includes a host of nifty tricks including both 2D and 3D graphics, and revamps to the music.

Find Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition on the Microsoft Store.

What are losing?

Nada. Nothing this week. Go forth and rejoice.

Since you’ve spent a moment to take a gander at the situation this week on Xbox Game Pass, why don’t you come check out some of our reviews? We won’t bite.

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