This Week on Xbox Game Pass (11/1-11/7)

Welcome to This Week on Xbox Game Pass, our weekly tribute to the updates on our beloved subscription service. This week, we take a look at new games on Game Pass being offered on November 5th. Nothing is being removed this week, so no need to rush through anything you’re working on right now.

What are we getting this week on Xbox Game Pass?

Celeste (Nov. 5) – Console, PC, & Android

Just in case you were hurting for more clever, pixelated indie platformers (you probably weren’t), Celeste has arrived on Game Pass to keep you hopping and climbing. Delve into Celeste Mountain, as well as main character Madeline’s mental health to uncover the mysteries that lie within both.

Find Celeste on the Microsoft Store.

Comanche (Nov. 5) – PC

“Holy crap, finally a decent looking flight sim on Xbox!” That is what my aviation-loving brain said to me when I saw that Comanche is going to be added this week on Xbox Game Pass. No. Sadly, this entry is not playable on consoles. However, if you’re a PC player, you’re able to dogfight to your heart’s content on November 5th.

Find Comanche on its Official Website.

Deep Rock Galactic (Nov. 5) – Console, PC, & Android

Deep Rock Galactic cleverly takes the “dwarves like rocks” fantasy trope and makes a whole sci-fi co-op game out of it. You and up to 3 of your friends can team up as a squad of space dwarves to kill hostile aliens and loot procedurally generated caverns. Each player has their own skills, so building an effective team is key.

Find Deep Rock Galactic on the Microsoft Store.

Eastshade (Nov. 5) – Console, PC, & Android

If you’re in the mood for a mellow game with gorgeous visual elements, Eastshade may be worth the download. Players control a traveling painter that roams lands seeking to paint their natural beauty and uncover the stories of those that live on the island of Eastshade.

Find Eastshade on the Microsoft Store.

Knights and Bikes (Nov. 5) – Console & PC

I’ve been following Knights and Bikes since I saw a feature in an issue of Game Informer, so finding out it’s being added this week on Xbox Game Pass was a real treat for me. The look of the game just absolutely wreaks of good ol’ indie stank with its hand-painted art style. The story of Nessa and Demelza looks to be an exceptionally heartwarming tale of two kids becoming friends and making the world their imaginary playhouse.

Find Knights and Bikes on its Official Developer Website.

What are We Losing this Week on Xbox Game Pass?

Nothing this week! Actually, so far, nothing has been slated to depart Game Pass at all in November. With the rapidly changing nature of the service, however, it is likely this will change.

Since you’ve spent a moment to take a gander out the situation this week on Xbox Game Pass, why don’t you come check out some of our reviews? We won’t bite. If you don’t have Game Pass be sure to check out our November Games with Gold update too.

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