This Week on Xbox Game Pass (10/18-10/31)

Like a bodybuilder’s wildest fantasy, this week on Xbox Game Pass is all gains and no losses. However, next week we will be losing a few items from our beloved subscription platform. Rather than dedicating a whole article to what we’ll be losing next week, I’ve rounded up all the updates from now til the 31st. Let’s take a look at what’s changing below.

What Are we Gaining This Week on Xbox Game Pass?

Later this week, you are able to download three new titles — a roguelite, a puzzle-platformer, and an addition to the oft-forgotten genre: cricket simulation.

ScourgeBringer (Oct. 21) – Console

If you have better luck than me with roguelites, then give Scourgebringer a go this week on Xbox Game Pass. In typical indie fashion, the frenetically-paced hack-n-slasher features gorgeous pixel graphics. Scourgebringer features a post-apocalyptic setting where a mysterious warrior attempts to bring order to a dying world.

Check out ScourgeBringer on the Microsoft Store.

Supraland (Oct. 22) – Console

Getting tired of giant maps? Then take a trip on a tiny one! Although, your character is the size of a paperclip, so it’s really quite large in practice. If you’re a fan of puzzles or platformers at all, then this 2019 puzzle-platformer may be up your alley. This week on Xbox Game Pass, simulate life as a tiny stick figure person and overcome all the difficulties that lie within Supraland.

Check out Supraland on the developer’s website.

Cricket 19 (Oct. 22) – Console

I don’t want to spoil the content of Cricket 19, but from the name there will definitely be some batting and running in circles. This week on Xbox Game Pass, live out your wildest fantasy of becoming a bonafide pro of the world’s most confusing sport! Dominate world championships and — if you’re a fan — relive some of the sport’s most important historical moments. Also, DM me and explain how the hell cricket even works.

Check out Cricket 19 on the Microsoft Store.

What’s Being Lost?

Nothing is lost this week on Xbox game pass, however next week is a bit rough with the departure of After Party and Lego Star Wars III. Hopefully you had time to play the games that will be leaving us on October 30th. After that, you can always download for full price on the Microsoft Store like always.

  • After Party – Console
  • Lego Star Wars III – Console
  • Rise & Shine – Console
  • Tacoma – Console & PC
  • The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game – Console & PC
  • The Red Strings Club – PC

What did you think of the changes this week? What are your predictions for next week? Let us know on our forums or on our social media.

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