The Xbox Series X/S: It’s Already Full of Surprises!

With the Holiday Season now upon us, gamers, parents and retailers are desperate to get their hands on the latest consoles. Xbox Series S is still difficult to find. Everyone is after the latest in next gen gaming but for some it won’t be for the reasons that you might expect.

After spending some time with the system many emulation enthusiasts have discovered that the XSS is already, just out of the box, a fantastic way to play not just the latest games but classic games as well. The system has already been praised for it’s deep library of backwards compatibility from across all it’s incarnations but this new development is entirely different.

A New Development for Xbox?

Using a built in development tools, players can easily install emulated software onto their system. This doesn’t effect your ordinary features for the system and with the right know how it can enable the use of emulated games from multiple eras across all systems. This isn’t actually new, however.

The ability to do this actually comes from a feature that has been carried over from the Xbox One. Dev Mode, which is a tool that was designed to help make development for the system cheaper and easier, is also available on the latest generation of systems. Only this time, with significantly more power behind it. Any retail system can use this feature to turn their XSS into an Xbox dev kit. There are some drawbacks but, thankfully, none of them are permanent.

Activating Dev Mode comes with a one time license fee of $20. While in Dev Mode you are unable to play retail games of any kind. You are however able to install your own software, in the form of UWP applications, for other services. These include emulator’s that allow you to access a massive back catalogue of older games. These games range from Microsoft, Nintendo, SEGA and Sony systems.

So What Can’t it Do?

Using emulators the XSS is able to run almost any game from previous generations. This includes PlayStation games. It looks pretty bad when your main competition can run your backwards compatible catalogue better than you can. Emulation fans have already managed to get PS2’s God of War running on the system without any major issues. Gamecube titles also have success running on the new Xbox as well as SEGA Dreamcast, PSP and N64 titles as well. The list goes on and on.

You can also switch off Dev Mode at any time. This will return it to a retail version of the system and re-enable you to play retail games as normal. You won’t need to sacrifice the latest titles for old games. Development of these emulators are still ongoing and improvements are inevitable as the kinks are sorted out. It is, even at this quite early stage, very promising and very impressive.

If you want to learn more about how to set up Dev Mode or are just curious about what the XSS can do then Modern Vintage Gamer has a fantastic video on the topic here. For more on the Xbox Series X/S features stay here on Generation Xbox. Come be our friend on Twitter too!

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