The Future of Destiny 2 – Beyond Light Era

Where do we stand?

In 2014 Bungie re-placed its name in the FPS bowl with the release of Destiny. An MMO FPS, Destiny was a reach out of the comfort zone for Bungie. They have also been in the spotlight lately for their split from publishing company, Activision. The move away was best for the company and from this week’s latest event can easily be seen to have paid off.  

2 weeks ago Bungie held an online event showcasing the plan for the next stage of Destiny. Arguably this event, if Bungie were still under Activision’s wings, would be the announcement of Destiny 3. But alas we have Bungie sticking their heels in the ground and moving forward with their plan for Destiny.  

The event opened with an 8 minute and 46 second memorial for George Floyd, a very well-respected move on Bungie’s part to dedicate the first section of this event to a major matter going on in the world right now. The message featured many messages and included links to where viewers can go to help the cause. 

Beyond Light

Leading the announcement we have game director Luke Smith and Destiny 2 general manager, Mark Noseworthy. As is the same with most events right now, the two discussed how life working from home requires balancing everything from kids to pets alongside keeping a AAA title running.  

The event overall was a huge success in my eyes. They discussed the future of the game and where they went wrong. It is always seen as a step forward when developers and directors can admit that the choices they made were certainly not the right ones. I have been a Destiny player since day 1 back in 2014 having been around for every update and every new event.


The latest DLC ‘Beyond Light’ takes players to an even darker era of Destiny. It sees you working with Eris Morn, the hunter introduced to us in Destiny‘s ‘The Dark Below’ DLC. She’s back to introduce us to new dangers in the galaxy. This time taking us to Europa, the birthplace of the Exo’s.  

The icy, desolate landscape looks haunting in the trailer, with players having to venture beneath the ice to take on a new boss, Eramis. Venturing beneath the ancient ice of Europa players will uncover new darkness and use a new weapon type, stasis. There’s a possibility for stasis based skills as well. All this is not yet confirmed though and we will find out more about stasis later in the year.  

The Future

The announcement of this new DLC was followed by 2 more planned expansions. The Witch Queen coming in 2021 and Lightfall in 2022. The point of which to show off the new era of Destiny. Something that does seem very promising at this moment. I always find it comforting going into a game knowing that my time and effort invested will not be wasted. I’ll have at least 2 more years to spend on my characters.   

Alongside news of the next two years of Destiny 2, we got confirmation that this was the future of Destiny and a Destiny 3 was not in the works right now at Bungie. They also followed this with incredible news of the future of Destiny on next-generation consoles. Destiny owners on both Xbox and Playstation can upgrade the game for free using Xbox’s smart delivery for Series X and a free upgrade through Playstation at no extra cost. This upgrade also brings graphical improvements. Letting next-gen players experience the game at 4k 60fps is a massive improvement most welcome in an FPS. All owned DLC will be taken over as well which is, once again, a welcome addition.  

Moving to Next-Gen

Along with the announcement of Destiny 2 moving to the next generation of console gaming, Bungie also confirmed that inter-generational cross-play will be a thing. Letting players who make the move to the new consoles i.e. Xbox Series X still play with their friends who own Destiny 2 on the Xbox One. Let’s hope this is the start of a flood of news about this smart move which benefits all gamers.  

We are getting so much in these next few months and years that it has to be asked, does Destiny deserve a chance again for new players? The mention of a 2-year road plan, and new and improved live events for players make for an all-round easy way for them to get involved. I’m preparing for the new expansion. Getting all my character builds ready to take on whatever Europa has to throw at me.

Unfortunately a lot of Destiny’s history falls to players losing interest after being expected to grind the game every day to keep at the best level to complete new events and content. I do not think this will ever change for Destiny though. Players who are sick of the grinding that is needed may not be drawn back like the hardcore players are.  


Overall this is a great move for Bungie after the first Destiny was meant to be a 10-year game but Destiny 2 was released just 3 years into this time frame. I think we would be talking about a Destiny 3 announcement if Bungie had not split away from Activision. So it’s fair to say these DLC’s and improvements are part of Bungie’s long term plan for the game. What we are getting now could have well been the story of Destiny 3. I will almost certainly be putting time into this DLC. But this depends on whether the game can hold my interest between now and its September launch.

So, what do you think of it? Will this new era of Destiny be worth your time or is it bound to repeat its past and hold interest for a short time? For me, I think I will be giving it a go. The next few months will decide for me as Bungie releases more info and deep dives into the new expansion.  

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