The Future of Backwards Compatability

This past week Xbox announced what the future for Xbox Backwards Compatibility is. In a blog post on Xbox Wire, Jason Ronald, director of program management for the Xbox Series X spoke about what Xbox had in store for backwards compatibility in the next generation.

With the Series X looking to offer a load of new games for us to play, it’s safe to say that it never hurts to be able to go back to an old game whenever you want. The Xbox One currently boasts an incredible backwards compatible library right now, currently holding a library of over 600 games, from the original Xbox to Xbox 360 games.  

It’s all good news though for current backwards compatible fans. The Series X is going to have a full catalogue of compatible games ready for launch. So that means being able to play all current backwards-compatible games that you can on your Xbox one on day one. Jason Ronald talked about how the team working on the feature will have put in close to 200,000 hours of testing on the compatible games to make sure they work to the best of their abilities on the Series X. 

In the blog post, Jason speaks about how the games aren’t just playable on the Series X, but a range of titles will also take full advantage of the power of the Series X offering automatic HDR upscaling and higher frames. All backwards compatible games will also take advantage of the Xbox Series X’s SSD speed allowing for a quicker load time than ever.

We have already seen some of these improvements on the Xbox One X with games such as Splinter Cell and Assassins Creed having slight graphics improvements alongside load speeds and performance but with the Series X being more powerful, it will be a vastly different experience for those wanting to go back to older games.  

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