The Current State of Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is often regarded as a “dead game” by some, but its faithful and active community constantly prove otherwise. For five years now, the community has stuck with the game through all the ups and downs it has gone through. But make no mistake, it has come close to becoming what people see it as. Ever since the original Destiny in 2014 the game has gone through content droughts where it seems as if the game is dead in the water.

Periods where new content was few and far in between have plagued the franchise at times. But, when the fall expansion Beyond Light launched in November 2020, players like myself were pleased with the experience. There was a new element and subclass for the Titan, Warlock, and Hunter. A large new world space, and a brand new raid. But that feeling of pleasure only lasted about a month.

After the initial influx of content from the DLC there didn’t seem like there was much left coming until the next season in February. Players frustraions began to grow and even some of the most popular and recognizable community members like Sweatcicle and Mtashed had said enough is enough.

What Changed?

When it seemed as if Destiny 2 was truly dying and the game was really on the brink, Bungie responded. The new season launched with a bang, introducing a new and fun seasonal activity called battlegrounds, bringing back fan favorite strikes like The Devils Lair and Fallen Saber from Destiny 1. Along with fan favorite weapons that were from D1 as well that you could earn after completing the nightfall each week.

Top: Light Machine gun The Swarm. Middle: Hand cannon The Palindrome. Bottom: Auto Rifle Shadow Price

But then we got the news some had been waiting for since it’s inception. Bungie had sunset sunsetting.

For those who don’t know, with this newest expansion Bungie implemented a new core feature called sunsetting. Which basically meant that any gun or armor piece had one year of viability until it could no longer be upgraded to the new power level. Essentially, this makes the gun and or armor piece have an expiration date. The idea in theory would let Bungie make powerful and unique weapons every year that would have their time to shine, and then be retired to introduce new and better weapons. The only problem is the new weapons were not better. Not by a long shot.

And needless to say it did not have outpouring support from the community. Players were most displeased to see their favorite year-old guns and god rolled armor pieces be made useless when the Beyond Light expansion hit. Why work so hard for a piece of gear when it will inevitably become useless? But in a recent weekly update and after all the fan outcry, Bungie announced that the system of sunsetting would be no more. Any piece of gear that has already been sunset would stay that way. But no future items would be sunset. And players and fans rejoiced.

Bungie Reverses Course on Sunsetting

But all news was not good. Bungie also announced that the future fall expansion, The Witch Queen would be delayed into early 2022.

What Lies Ahead

Destiny 2 seems to be on the right track yet again. Which is the most I can say for other looter shooters that try and dethrone the Destiny franchise. Like it or hate it, Bungie has created something special with Destiny. It has what any game would want, addictive gameplay mechanics, fun and thrilling cooperative activities, and a dedicated fan base that will stick by the game till the bitter end. With talks of Destiny jumping to to other forms of media like film or television, the future of destiny seems to be digging out of the hole it has created for itself. But the only question that remains is will it dig that same hole again. Like it has many times before.

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