The 5 Most Disappointing Games of the 8th Generation

Well, ladies and gentleman, the 9th generation of games is finally here. The Xbox Series and the Playstation 5 have been released and people are enjoying their brand-spanking new hardware. With the 8th generation now in the past (kinda hard to believe honestly), it’s time to reflect on how it all went down.

The 8th generation was an overall very solid time for games, especially two to three years into it. It didn’t start off too well for Xbox, though. The original idea for the Xbox One was…ill-fated, to say the least. But thankfully they managed to get their stuff together at around 2 years into the generation.

However, throughout the generation there were games that fell very short of expectations. Here, we’re gonna tackle five titles that fell woefully short in terms of quality. Important note: it is absolutely fine if you do enjoy these games, but know these games did disappoint more then they impressed. Let’s begin, shall we?

Anthem (Bioware/EA – 2019)

Oh boy, Bioware. This is the game that made lots of people really worry about the developer. Unveiled at E3 2017 (even to Bioware), Anthem was an enigma and remained as such until release. The most we took that it was going to be a live service game which…really should have been the biggest red flag. Then the game came out and there was much worse then thought…

Anthem was released unfinished with extremely shallow gameplay with very lackluster mission design. Pair that up with unsatisfying loot and you get a very repetitive game with little incentive to go back to it. While it did look great from a technical standpoint, that was all that it had. At least flying was fun. There was an article that goes further into quite frankly the game’s “development hell” cycle.

Oh, Bioware. How the mighty have fallen.

Fallout 76 (Bethesda – 2018)

Talk about a complete mess and image shattering for a company. Fallout 76 is a game that is just a complete amalgamation of bad ideas coming together. An always online Fallout seems like a bad idea and kinda counter-intuitive, but what it’s Todd Howard wanted. And wow…did it not work at all.

Upon release, Fallout 76 immediately got notoriety from being just a total unpolished mess and straight up didn’t work. From constant server crashes, game breaking glitches, butchered lore and outdated engine, it was a wreck of titanic proportions.

This game single handedly bombed Bethesda’s reputation from a respected gaming titan to a laughing stock. They’ve never recovered from the huge blow this game dealt them. Fallout 76 is probably one of the biggest mistakes to a well established franchises of all time.

Destiny (Bungie/Activision – 2014)

One of the most anticipated titles for a long while, Destiny had a lot to live up to. It also didn’t help that it was being developed by Bungie and with a massive budget. Then the game came out and while it did perform real well in terms of sales, it was a disappointment.

A lot of what was said about Anthem can be applied to Destiny. In fact, Destiny can be called the progenitor of what Anthem did wrong. However, it can debated that Destiny was more egregious in terms of it’s faults due to the massive amount of hype for it.

That and Destiny was Bungie’s next big IP after Halo. It really can’t under stated just how heckin’ big Destiny’s hype cycle was. Tbe fact that many people considered it a disappointment was quite a blow to Bungie. While it did get expansions to make it better, some thought it was too little, too late.

Marvel’s Avengers (Crystal Dynamics/Square Enix – 2020)

The most recent title of the bunch, Marvel’s Avengers is truly a shame since it had a lot of potential (granted, that goes for all of these). Probably because of Marvel’s Spider-Man and it being developed by the Tomb Raider team, expectations were sky high.

Unfortunately, this fell victim to the “live-service” formula and is one of the bigger examples of this. And once again, it has problems with loot, mission design and due to the live service, over-reliance on cosmetic purchases. The campaign is very bland, despite having some good moments.

There are quite a bit of good moments in this game but it’s what I think makes the disappointment worse. At least Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite had a very polished gameplay engine with lots of depth. Avengers doesn’t have that. Hopefully someone can do the Avenger’s justice.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (DICE/EA – 2017)

EA, EA, EA. Oh dear, what they did with this game is one of the shadiest things done to a game this generation. After Battlefront was release to mixed reviews, Battlefront II had lots of expectations. Especially when they said that it wasn’t gonna have a season pass with no micro-transactions. And they are right…..they replaced them with something worse.

The loot box system integrated here was beyond egregious and frustrating and heavily incentivize spending money for characters and cosmetics. This even got the government involved due to it’s very shady business tactics. It became one of the most hated games of the generation.

However, it is an example that it’s kinda subverted because it did get a lot better as a game over the years. The gameplay was solid and had quite a few good ideas in the campaign. It also got a lot of support throughout the years with prequel content and multiplayer content. But what EA did with this game will always leave a stain on this game’s history.

So what do you guys think? What other games could fall under this list? Do you agree with it? No matter what it could be, let us know in the comments below.

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