The 5 Best Games on Xbox Cloud Gaming Right Now

One of the best features of Game Pass Ultimate is Cloud Gaming, allowing you to stream Xbox titles to your Android device anywhere. With dozens of games to explore across all genres, finding where to begin can be a daunting task. Here at Generation Xbox, we’ve done the pleasure of picking out 5 of the best games available on Cloud Gaming right now to get you started.

Note: All of the games listed below were played on a Samsung Galaxy S20 5G with a Razer Kishi Gaming Controller.


One of the best Xbox titles in recent years, Battletoads is perfect for mobile gaming: simple controls, juicy visuals and addictive gameplay. It features side scrolling beat ‘em up action at its best, with challenging puzzles and vehicular sections sprinkled in between. Take control of Rash, Pimple and Zitz as they smash their way through the city with morphing attacks and bubblegum. Throw in a kick-ass soundtrack while you crunch baddies and it’s 1991 all over again. Much like its older sibling, the difficulty isn’t anything to sneeze at. In each screen you’ll have to evade and swap toads to avoid blows and keep your combo alive.

The combat walks the walk where the nostalgia talks the talk, and won’t have Battletoads feeling like an arcade game you spend a quarter on and walk away from. Dedicated voice acting never takes itself too seriously and the dialogue is flat-out hilarious; combined with colourful characters and artwork it makes cut scenes worth the watch. Missing out on that classic couch co-op with your friend(s) is a bummer, but Battletoads does more than enough to remedy that by excelling on all fronts.

Gears 5

Since its release in September of 2019, Gears 5 has been hailed as one of Xbox’s best technical achievements. That makes its smooth port to Cloud Gaming even more impressive. The iconic cover-shooter boasts some of the best graphics today and none of its appeal is lost on a smaller screen. The amount of content Gears has to offer is simply unmatched. Venture into a deep story loaded with fleshed-out characters. Survive wave after wave of enemies in Horde mode. Blast your way out of a Swarm hive in Escape, or rev up your chainsaws against other players in Versus.

Thanks to a recap video found in the extras menu, veterans and even newcomers can hop right into Gears‘ campaign. Versus mode also maintains an accessible approach with playlists intended to separate the casual players from the competitive ones. Fresh off of the release of Operation 5, there are more customization and characters to choose from than ever. Horde and Escape modes take full advantage of Gears’ roster of characters, each one applying their own abilities and classes to support team-based gameplay. Now is the time to get acquainted with Gears 5.

Slay the Spire

A card game on your phone in 2020? Absolutely. Slay the Spire carves out its own niche in the card game genre by blending deck building with roguelike elements. The end result is a smart, strategic experience with unlimited replay value. The goal of the game is simple: slay the Spire. Climb floors encountering both enemies and friends(?), picking up new cards and items for your deck along the way. With 4 characters and their own unique set of cards and abilities, the deckbuilding options and styles are endless.

The story divides itself between 3 Acts, once you’ve reached the top floor of each Act your deck will be tested against one of Spires’ many bosses. What boss that might be isn’t for you to decide – each run is different from the last. Unlock new cards and items by leveling up, then seek them out for more ways to approach the Spire. Released in 2017, Spire happens to be the oldest game on this list yet still feels ahead of its time. The option to enjoy Spire with touch controls only further cements it as one of Cloud Gaming’s best options.


An indie horror title in which you are the monster, Carrion is a fresh experience cleverly crafted with a blood-soaked exterior. Guide a blob of teeth and tentacles through facilities as you gobble up the poor scientists and workers. The more you eat, the stronger and larger you grow. You’ll have to solve puzzles and use navigational skills to find the next exit to squeeze into. As you grow, you’ll be gifted new abilities that will help you both in combat and with solving puzzles.

One of Carrion‘s most original features is the ability to control your size. Certain abilities are only activated depending on your size, and you’ll have to deposit pieces across the map in order to shrink down to the occasion. Combat situations require players to think carefully about how they wish to approach them; brute force rarely results in an effective strategy. Using the environment to your advantage and the abilities at your disposal will reward you in the long run. I found that simple controls and slick movement make for smooth handling and a prime mobile gaming experience. Try out Carrion on Cloud Gaming today.

DOOM Eternal

Shortly after Microsoft’s acquisition of industry giants Bethesda Softworks, DOOM Eternal was quick to hit the Game Pass library. A nominee across four categories at this years Game Awards, Eternal‘s visceral combat and fast gameplay transitions well onto mobile. Tear your way through hordes of demons in a brand-new campaign with a refurbished arsenal of weapons and Glory Kills. Add in some more head smashing tracks to accompany all of the broken limbs, and the Doom formula is complete.

Similar to its 2016 predecessor, Eternal‘s meat and potatoes lies within the single player campaign. However, players should check out Battle Mode, a revamped multiplayer that pits two player-controlled demons against another player in charge of the Slayer. It’s a medley of DOOM‘s best features and serves as a showcase for the players’ skill level. Eternal is a level of refinement that only graces the industry once every few years. It’s a must-have for any Game Pass subscriber and is one of the best games on Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Looking Forward

Xbox Cloud Gaming is still very much in an infantile state, yet already provides a game changing experience. An impressive library and more games receiving touch control compatibility make an Ultimate subscription worth it. Stay caught up with us at Generation Xbox as we bring you the latest updates and developments surrounding Cloud Gaming!

Have any thoughts regarding the list above? What do you think are the best games available on Cloud Gaming? Feel free to discuss with other users on our forums!

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