The 10 Games I Want to See on Xbox Series X

With Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla’s DLC having apparently leaked, I felt now would be a good time to discuss the Xbox Series X. There are a NUMBER of games that I feel could make a comeback on the Series X.

Since I’ve seen few lists on this particular system, likely due to the PS5 sounding much more appealing and popular at this point in time, this is where my list comes into play. The only rule here is that the game/series I’m going to be talking about here have to have been on the Xbox One, or 360 or even OG Xbox. Basically, it had to have been on an Xbox system of some sort to be eligible.

10 – Super Monkey Ball

Considering this franchise showed up recently on Xbox One just last year after nearly a decade of dormancy and near-Nintendo-exclusivity, putting this entry on the list might seem a bit surprising, but trust me when I say that this franchise’s next outing, if done properly, could be quite a bunch of bananas in the good way.

I am, of course, talking about Super Monkey Ball, obviously. Yes, I am aware of Banana Blitz HD on the console and others, but it’s a slight HD remake with not much “new” in it. It shouldn’t be this hard for a new sequel to come about, given how the Switch version at the Gamestop I worked at sold out time and time again.

What I’d like to see is the four main amigos (AiAi, MeeMee, Baby, and GonGon), Over 100 new tough levels similar to the original Super Monkey Ball and Super Monkey Ball 2 on Gamecube, Lots of party games, ONLINE multiplayer (seriously, it should be a GIVEN in this day and age, especially with the Speedrun community!), unlockable mini-games, and a light and not too serious story mode (looking at you, SMB Adventure!)

Tl;Dr – Take the best of SMB1, and SMB2, add in original floors like in SMB2 story mode and SMBD, take the best floors of Banana Blitz’s floors and Banana Splitz’s floors  and combine them. Basically like in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe but for a new generation.

9 – TellTale Batman Season 3

With Telltale games making a comeback, of sorts, and The Wolf Among Us getting a sequel, Batman should come back for a Season three. Now, I am aware that Season 2 ended things on a bittersweet but ultimately beautiful note. I am aware of that. However, there’s one question I wanted resolved from Season 2. That would be this: Assuming the Season 2 ending where Bruce/Batman considered John Doe/Joker a friend is canonical in a hypothetical season 3, why did Bruce go to see John at the very end of Season 2? Is there an emergency involving Clayface or other Batman villains like Ra’s Al Ghul doing shady stuff that might warrant John’s help? Does Bruce want to give John a 2nd chance at being a hero?

Hey, if Beelzemon can go through a downfall and experience a subsequent redemption, then why can’t John Doe? I loved Telltale’s twist on the dynamic between Batman and the Joker and how Batman is usually the one who creates the Joker. If they include the Noir mode, I’d be set for the next 11 hours. Now take Season 2’s episodes having different endings, different intros, and alternate episodes based on  decisions made in previous episodes with the steady establishing of season 1’s rogues’ gallery, and we’d be in for a memorable experience. Add in a smooth 60FPS with capability of up to 120 FPS and we’d get a royal treat.

8 – Mega Man 12

With Capcom focusing on Resident Evil as its apparent new flagship franchise over Mega Man, I feel Mega Man 12 will be coming later to the Xbox Series X. With the innovative double gear introduced in Mega Man 11, the levels made you make use of it through fake difficulty via crushing walls and knockback.

However, its’ symbolic story made up for it. Now, with the excellent voice acting that went into the game, I expect the 12th main numbered game in the franchise to feature that same level of voice quality.

Make 8 new, non-cliched robot masters, 4-7 Wily Stages, make a decent this time, and we’d be good! Optionally keep the double gear, but make levels that feel more natural and legit tough, with none of the crushing wall nonsense!

7 – Resident Evil 8

On the subject of Capcom, anyone thinking of Resident Evil 8? I sure am.  I feel that’s gonna be the first Capcom game on Xbox Series X. Resident Evil 8, I feel, will be another first-person Horror game. Hey, it worked for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

Include a bigger and wider variety of enemies, multiple types of locations (seriously, the Baker house was kinda repetitive once the dock and boat sections came around), great voice acting, a truly evil antagonist (While the ultimately sympathetic Baker family was fine enough, I actually MISS Albert Wesker), and the limited weapons and save points to work with like the ps1 days, and I’d be satisfied and all good. However, A bigger inventory would suffice!

6 – Sonic 2021

With Sonic supposedly getting a new game in 2021 for his 30th Anniversary, whatever Sonic’s 30th Anniversary title is, It should come to the Xbox Series X. I expect 60FPS, obviously. I want to see a truly epic story (like Adventure 2), One style of gameplay (Sonic Heroes), Multiple playable Characters (Ala Sonic ‘06 but implemented wayy better), and multiple endings that lead into and connect to the overarching Last Story with a Super Sonic climax against Eggman and his monster of the week for the fate of the universe.

Basically, think Sonic Forces but on a galactic scale, and with more of a liberation struggle.  I also want longer, more challenging levels and bosses (Unlike Sonic Forces, and more like Sonic 06 and Sonic Rush)

5 – Devil May Cry 6

Apparently, Capcom has made the proverbial turkey, so to speak. By this, I mean they got a 3rd game I want to see from them on the Xbox Series X. That title would be. . . Devil May Cry 6. Aside from focusing on Nero, It should include 2 other campaign modes: one for Vergil, and one for Dante.

Both follow different paths to ultimately take down the same bad guy: Mundus, while Nero protects the world in the meantime from a new threat that arises: A resurrected Nelo Angelo wearing Urizen’s armor and having absorbed the Red tree’s powers to become Supreme Leader of all Demons Thrown in tons of demons, a metal soundtrack, and multiple endings (One for each character, of course) Add in Online-Co-op for Bloody Palace, and we’d be set for a long as Heck game!

4 – Mortal Kombat 12

With the Aftermath DLC expanding Mortal Kombat 11, that just helps move Mortal Kombat 12 into Series X territory.

In this hypothetical 12th numbered entry in this bloody franchise, I like to see a story about Onaga in this new timeline, using the remnants of Kronika’s Crown, and her Hourglass and the Kamidogu to become a Supreme God. What helps my case is the presence of Onaga in the Krypt. Throw in stage fatalities, friendships, babalities, Puzzle Kombat mini-games, and the first 3 MK arcade games as a bonus of sorts, and I’d be all good.

On a related note, thank you Aftermath Kollection for adding Friendships back into the game!

3 – Call of Duty 2020/2021

Number 3 is Call of Duty 2020. “But Bryan, Why is Call of Duty not at the bottom? It’s a given!” Firstly, it’s not a given that it’ll even release on the Series X this year but more rather Xbox One. 2nd, I want to see it improve. Not just graphically in terms of Graphics and frame rates, but also more weapons for single and multiplayer modes, a robust Single player campaign like the earlier Modern Warfare trilogy of games and even Ghosts, a HUGE variety of Multiplayer modes ala Ghosts (Seriously Ghosts should get a Sequel!!), and a Free-to-Play equivalent just like Modern Warfare got.

That’s literally all that needs to happen to win me over. It’s that simple!

2 – Darksiders IV

Darksiders IV is something a LOT of people – Including myself – are waiting ever so patiently for. Even though Darksiders Genesis changed the style up slightly, brought us co-op first, and made Strife playable first this year, most people who are fans are waiting for the 4th Numbered entry in this franchise. I’d love the following to come out of this 4th numbered entry, personally.

I want a 4-Player Local/Online Co-op experience. I want a conclusion to the cliffhanger at the end of the original Darksiders. I’d love to see the Balance be restored with mankind flourishing. I don’t see how long that outcome can be delayed, personally. And lastly, I’d LOVE to be able to beat up the final boss behind all of this, whether it be Lucifer for a “save all of Creation” good ending, or the Charred Council for a “Guardians of Freedom” ending. Basically, some closure would be nice!

Give Strife elemental gun upgrades similar to Fury’s hollow upgrades. Give all 4 horsemen their ultimate forms, some really devious puzzles, and the option to switch between the four at any time if playing solo. I just have a strong feeling it’s gonna be a year-one or year-two series X game, hence why I placed it so high on here. However, there is one more game I want more than Darksiders IV. Let’s find out!

1 – Persona 5 Arena

Picking the top spot on a list like this isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. I get it. However, there has been a theme of sorts: all the games I picked are from 3rd party companies. This entry is NOT an exception. The top game I want to see come to the Xbox Series X is. . . Persona 5 Arena.

Now, hear me out. Persona is usually a Playstation-exclusive franchise just like God of War. Yes, that is true. However, that does not take away from Persona Q and Q2 being on the 3ds or Persona 4 Arena and its sequel Ultimax being on the Xbox 360.

With that evidence analyzed, let’s jump into what I’d want from a hypothetical Persona 5 Arena. I’d like the cast of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax to meet the cast of Persona 5 Scramble. I want there to be logical reasons for the cast of 5 to reunite and “fight” against each other to unlock the mystery of whatever’s going on in Shibuya and thereby affecting Inaba and Tatsumi Port Island, which draws in the Shadow Operatives from ultimax. 

Sho Minazuki could appear as a recurring antagonist for the Persona 4 story section. For Persona 5’s Story section, it could involve a battle against various Personas and the Archangels who serve a robotic version of  God. For the P3 section, it could be about them discovering the mystery of the Great Seal weakening, and end with a resolution of understanding with Erebus and Nyx.

With this much potential to go for the series, that is why I selected this series as number 1.

And this, my dear readers, were the 10 games I want to SEE (heh, SEES) come to the Xbox Series X. I personally think some of these will happen. Though, realistically, I doubt it’ll happen, much less any of these games. What do you think, though? Would any of these games be an instabuy if announced? Let me know in the comments! As always, visit Generation Xbox and check out our weekly podcast for all the latest coming to Xbox Series X!

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