Tannenberg Review: Welcome Back to WWI

Welcome to World War I my fellow soldiers! It’s time to fight for your lives and for victory. Tannenberg is an incredible and vast game. It brings back the WWI genre that gamers haven’t seen in a long time, and does it justice. So, ready your weapons, and get ready for war, soldiers!


Tannenberg is the sequel to the game Verdun, a game that was known for a very realistic WWI setting. Now, Tannenberg brings this setting back to focus on the Eastern Front of the war. On the Eastern Front, players get to experience the battle between Germany and the Russian Empire, and the different style of warfare waged on that front.

Tannenberg trench warfare


The battles in this game can only be described as one word: accurate. Soldiers spawn in with WWI appropriate rifles and pistols and must navigate through trenches and bunkers to fight battles. However, the word accurate needs to be discussed about the weapon mechanics. Now, the accuracy is hard to manage as you aim down sights, but it makes for a more realistic battle aesthetic. Getting a kill from a long distance gives the player a sense of achievement. As for health, soldiers go down in one or two shots, which gives the gameplay a fast and unforgiving feel to it. Each battle brings players into the world that was World War I and the terrors brought forth into each battlefield.

Tannenberg snow scenery

Visuals & Sounds

The visuals in this game are extremely accurate, but leave a little to be desired in the current generation of consoles. The quality of these graphics can feel outdated at times. However, the game focuses on the detail put into making sure each and every location, every weapon, and the solider models were created accurately to honor its WWI setting. The historical accuracy this game provides more than makes up for its lack in graphics.

Now, on to the sounds and the audio effects in this game. This game brings audio mechanics to a whole new level while playing. As bullets whiz by your head and enemies and friendly soldiers alike yell out in their native language, it truly is an immersive experience. However, one sound mechanic that I discovered as I played really moved this game from good to great. Occasionally, after someone is shot and killed, their bodies that are left behind continue to cry and whimper well after they have been shot. This mechanic is just another example of how the game brings accuracy into its world.

Tannenberg maneuver map


This game offers three game modes: Maneuver, Rifle Deathmatch, and Attrition. Attrition is a 5 vs 5 battle, where you deplete enemy lives until none remain. Also, Rifle Deathmatch is pretty much described in its name – a free for all battle with rifles. However, the main mode played is Maneuver.

In Maneuver, there are 2 sides, with an overall number of around 20 players per team, fighting to control sections on the map. Also, each side is broken into squads, and each squad is made up of four players each. This game mechanic allows for more strategic gameplay as you move throughout the battlefield. As you race through trenches with your squad, you fight to control each section of the map, cutting off the enemy’s access to the map. As sections of the map are conquered, points are either earned or lost, depending on the number of sections conquered. Finally, the battle is over either when the timer is done, or if one side has conquered all sections of the map, including the enemy base. This can lead to a pretty lengthy game, as conquering sections can be very slow moving.

Overall, Tannenberg is a challenging game that brings the terrors of World War I right to our consoles in accurate, historical detail.

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