Steam Tactics Review – Fire Emblem with Animals

Quite the quirky one if you ask me. Steam Tactics is a classic turn based strategy RPG. Only this one involves furry, woodland animals piloting ships. Essentially, this game takes the concept of dogfighting and turns it into it’s whole premise. Again, quite the oddball theme. However, having this odd quirk doesn’t make a game… Continue reading Steam Tactics Review – Fire Emblem with Animals

Warsaw Review: Join The Resistance

Reviewed for the Xbox One. At the end of World War II, Warsaw (the Polish capital that gives its name to this title) was still occupied by the Nazis. On August 1st, 1944, the Polish resistance rose in rebellion against the Nazi forces in order to liberate the city before the arrival of the Red… Continue reading Warsaw Review: Join The Resistance

Warborn Review

Turn-based strategy games have never been atop of my favorite genre list. Typically, I play third-person action thrillers, RPGs, and first-person shooters. Throw in the occasional sports or racing game and that is the bulk of my library. So, when presented the opportunity to play a turn-based strategy game, I really had no idea what… Continue reading Warborn Review