The Medium – Review

Horror as a genre can imply a few different things when it comes to games. You have your classic slasher games, where a creature or person seeks you out for death. Then there is zombie horror, similar to slasher games but instead of one foe you have thousands. Finally, you have phycological horror games. These… Continue reading The Medium – Review

The Medium Preview – Dual-Reality Horror

Bloober Team’s latest psychological-thriller The Medium launches in just a few days. The team originally announced The Medium in May 2020 during the Xbox Games Showcase. Since, we have had countless trailers and lots of information thrown our way. Fortunately, we’re here with our The Medium Preview to break down everything you need to know… Continue reading The Medium Preview – Dual-Reality Horror

The Medium Delayed, Releasing January 2021

Yesterday, Bloober Team announced that they have delayed The Medium, their upcoming psychological horror game, from it’s December release date. Bloober will now launch The Medium on January 28th 2021, just a month later than originally planned. The news comes from The Medium‘s Twitter page. Various Reasons Cited for the Delay The Medium‘s delay is… Continue reading The Medium Delayed, Releasing January 2021

Xbox Games Showcase Reactions

Xbox fans have been hyped for today’s Xbox Games Showcase. It is no secret that Xbox spent the entirety of this current (almost past) generation behind PlayStation. Once Nintendo released the Switch, it caught up and surpassed the Xbox One as well. Spending the last 7 years in a distant third has forced Xbox to… Continue reading Xbox Games Showcase Reactions

The Games from Inside Xbox on May 7th

There were many third party games shown off during today’s Inside Xbox. We saw gameplay from some of then, and teaser trailers from others. You can watch the entire first look down below. First up, we saw gameplay from Bright Memory Infinity, a new game from FYQD-Studio. The game combines first person shooting with hack… Continue reading The Games from Inside Xbox on May 7th