Cyber Shadow Review

I always love when a game takes me back to my chiptune phase of 2014. Happier times. Cyber Shadow does just that with its classic look and feel that just screams The 80’s. Taking on a Metroid and Ninja Gaiden style of gameplay, Cyber Shadow provides an intense challenge with satisfying and rewarding gameplay. But… Continue reading Cyber Shadow Review

Pumpkin Jack Review – Trick or Treat?

Reviewed for the Xbox One. 3D platformers have been going through a renaissance over the past few years. Fan-favorite characters like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro have been making a triumphant return to our consoles. Newcomer Pumpkin Jack enters the fray this Halloween, a new title amidst a sea of series veterans. Although this game doesn’t… Continue reading Pumpkin Jack Review – Trick or Treat?

Best Platform/Puzzle Indie Games Right Now

There are many video games of the platforming and puzzle genre. In the indie field, developers have turned to these genres to catch us with very interesting proposals. These genres aren’t lavished too much on the universe of big blockbusters. These indie developers have found an interesting form of expression in them. In recent times… Continue reading Best Platform/Puzzle Indie Games Right Now