Best Squad Mates in Mass Effect Games

With the recent officially announced Mass Effect Legendary Edition coming to us May 14th, 2021, I’m drawn back into the futuristic sci-fi world that I vacation to complete a playthrough in every year. Currently I’m completing my second playthrough of the stepchild Mass Effect Andromeda. Which may not hold up to the original trilogy, but… Continue reading Best Squad Mates in Mass Effect Games

EA Abandons Anthem Next

Bioware have confirmed that they will no longer be developing Anthem Next. Development on the overhaul, that was planned after the action-RPG’s poor reception, will cease immediately. Bioware revealed the news on their blog. They said that working from home during the Covid pandemic caused difficulties that ultimately led to this decision. Bioware’s development teams… Continue reading EA Abandons Anthem Next

Mass Effect Moments: Reliving the Epic First Game

It feels like forever since I’ve played a Mass Effect game and got to experience all those moments that made the franchise so special. As someone who has played all these games more times than I can count, I truthfully thought the last playthrough was my “last ride” through the trilogy before I sold my… Continue reading Mass Effect Moments: Reliving the Epic First Game

Top 5 Disappointing Games You Were Hyped For

Disappointment is a common human trait that can be associated with all walks and manners of life, meaning that it can unfortunately apply to video games. There has been no shortage of disappointing video games since the creation of our beloved pastime. Whether they were sequels in a beloved franchise or an Original IP, these… Continue reading Top 5 Disappointing Games You Were Hyped For

50 Best Games on Xbox Consoles: The Top 10

Over the past two weeks, we have counted down the 50 best games you can play on an Xbox console. Finally, on the eve of the Xbox Series X|S launch, we have arrived at the top 10. Our editorial staff ranked and fought over many a game from Xbox’s history. We have had spirited discussions,… Continue reading 50 Best Games on Xbox Consoles: The Top 10

Top 7 Star Wars Games on Xbox One

The Star Wars video game saga created by LucasArts is one of the most extensive and iconic. It’s clear that the series has had it’s ups and downs but it has always been one of the best. During the ’90s and early ’00s, LucasArts had a lot of fame, which was appreciated by fans of… Continue reading Top 7 Star Wars Games on Xbox One

Retro Rewind: Mass Effect

I like the term “space-opera” when we refer to a great space epic, of which, in video games, we have enjoyed not a few: Halo, Dead Space, Elite: Dangerous… space-operas are plentiful but only one is Mass Effect. This is where the adventure of commander Shepard begins. Moving away from the rigid rules of JRPGs,… Continue reading Retro Rewind: Mass Effect

Rewind Friday: Star Wars KOTOR

Last month brought Star Wars Day: May the 4th be with you. The day when people celebrate their geek side and fandom for the Star Wars Saga. 2019’s Star Wars Day saw the first trailers of Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, the next film in the film saga, and Star Wars Jedi:… Continue reading Rewind Friday: Star Wars KOTOR