This Week on Xbox Game Pass (10/4-10/10)

Huzzah! This week, we aren’t going to be taking any losses to our beloved subscription platform. We are, however, getting 3 new titles to wrap our grubby gamer mitts around. Still a net loss over last week, but, hey. New games are new games. Let’s take a look at what’ll be changing this week on… Continue reading This Week on Xbox Game Pass (10/4-10/10)

How Is the Xbox Brand Adapting For the Future?

This week we finally got official confirmation on the prices and release date of the new Xbox consoles. The Xbox Series S and Series X will launch on November 10th for $299 and $499 respectively. However, there’s another detail that seems to have caught everyone’s eye from this announcement: Xbox All Access, Microsoft’s new payment… Continue reading How Is the Xbox Brand Adapting For the Future?

Xbox Games Showcase Reactions

Xbox fans have been hyped for today’s Xbox Games Showcase. It is no secret that Xbox spent the entirety of this current (almost past) generation behind PlayStation. Once Nintendo released the Switch, it caught up and surpassed the Xbox One as well. Spending the last 7 years in a distant third has forced Xbox to… Continue reading Xbox Games Showcase Reactions