Steam Tactics Review – Fire Emblem with Animals

Quite the quirky one if you ask me. Steam Tactics is a classic turn based strategy RPG. Only this one involves furry, woodland animals piloting ships. Essentially, this game takes the concept of dogfighting and turns it into it’s whole premise. Again, quite the oddball theme. However, having this odd quirk doesn’t make a game unenjoyable. The game itself has to be fun and that’s what this Steam Tactics review is for.

Gameplay of Steam Tactics

Like stated earlier, the game is a turn based strategy game. You take your units and position them in strategic positions to take out the enemy units. As the campaign progresses, you recruit more members to your party which expands your weapon count.

Due to the dogfight theme, in Steam Tactics you get to upgrade your aircrafts for more efficiency. The more you upgrade, the more health you receive and the more it can handle it’s weapons. Weapons can also be upgraded with the right materials and money which further improves your aircraft’s offensive and defensive capabilities.

This can lead you to being quite overpowered if you grind. From my experience with the game, Steam Tactics is very easy. Sometimes the enemy can catch you off-guard but most of the time it’s a pretty cozy ride. However, I think that was the point. It’s a very beginner friendly strategy game, almost like it’s meant to be one’s first strategy RPG.

Which also extends to the story. It’s very digestible and easy to get into. It’s also very charming as well due to it’s aesthetic and look. You play as mercenaries employed by the queen to do a mission for her but things end up being not what they seem the more they go on their quest. It’s not a fantastic story, but it gets the job done.

Flaws and Shortcomings

Yeah, it’s really easy and if you approach it with a grinding mentality, it will be even easier. Strangely, despite it being very beginner friendly, the UI is a little bit odd for newcomers to understand. Once you do get used to it it’s fine, but it’s still something that could have been worked on, especially since the rest of the game is so focused on simplicity.

Another thing is that the game doesn’t really do anything to stand out, outside of it’s dogfight steam punk aesthetic. If you played other strategy RPG’s, you’re likely not going to be impressed with what you have here and move on to something else. Hence why I think this game is made for newcomers to the genre instead of veteran players.


The game is enjoyable but it’s nothing new if you’re already used to strategy RPG’s. It’s meant to be one’s first strategy RPG and if you go into this game with that mindset, you’ll probably be more open to it and enjoy it more. Steam Tactics isn’t anything grandiose but it’s a fun and enjoyable time.


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