Star Wars Characters That Need to Be in Battlefront III

It’s been almost a year since DICE stopped adding new maps or characters to Star Wars: Battlefront II, despite a growing player base.

Gone are the days where we would hear of a new DLC or an upcoming road map of content. Now we are seemingly preparing for Battlefront III.

In less than a year, EA has lost the exclusivity license to Star Wars and only released what boils down to a glorified expansion in Star Wars: Squadrons. What will come next? Well, EA hasn’t really told us, so it’s all speculation at this point.

While EA has confirmed they will continue to make games, there has been little news on what those will be.

Assumedly, we’ll see a new Jedi: Fallen Order title as that – ironically enough – brought EA back into the good graces of players while being a hit both critically and commercially.

Outside of that, Battlefront fans can only hope we will get Battlefront III at some point in the future.

So going under the assumption we will be getting a new Battlefront title, it’s time for some reckless speculation.

Specifically, why not discuss which Star Wars characters should make an appearance in Battlefront III.

It's time to see Star Wars Battlefront bring Ahsoka into the mix.

Ahsoka Tano

Perhaps no previously established character has seen their stock rise as much Ahsoka Tano after her appearance in The Mandalorian.

Not only did Ahsoka leave a lasting impression in her lone episode, but she will also be getting her own Disney+ show soon.

And with there having been previous rumors she would appear in the Battlefront series, why not add her?

The potential for this character would be through the roof. Her abilities and dual-wielding lightsabers would make for a devastating hero to play as. Imagine her and General Grevious meeting in a large-scale Galactic Assault map with about 100+ other players fighting nearby.

It would be absolutely epic and as a long-time fan favorite, it would be long overdue.

There’s also plenty of potential if they wanted to give us a campaign for Battlefront III.

Admittedly, I complained about the lack of campaign in Battlefront. I subsequently rejoiced when I heard there would be a campaign for the sequel.

I will also admit I complained about how bland and lackluster the campaign in Battlefront II was.

If they decided to use Ahsoka as the main protagonist for Battlefront III’s campaign, I do think there is potential to tell a story spanning the Clone Wars and everything post Vader as seen by The Mandalorian.

Yes, it would be another Jedi game. Yes, it would be mean more lightsabers in a shooter. But it would give us the opportunity to see her fight alongside iconic heroes. Obi Wan, or even the Star Wars: Rebels crew, could feature as supporting characters.

There are so many possibilities with Ahsoka and given her rediscovered popularity, DICE would be wise to get her in the game.

Yep, just give us Mando in a Battlefront game already.

Din Djarin (aka Mando)

Admit it, the moment I said his name you started internally humming the theme song to the show.

That’s because in two short years, this character has become so universally loved by the Star Wars fandom. It’s also why – like Ahsoka – DICE absolutely needs to bring Star Wars’ version of the Man with No Name into the fold.

The game already has Boba Fett but the two characters should play differently enough to not be a problem.

Mando can use his grappling line to tie opponents and make them temporarily incapable of defending themselves. He could use his rifle as his primary weapon with different firing modes. And if he really wants to control nearby enemies he could wipe them out with the Beskar spear. Or, if you want to get crazy, maybe the dark saber?

The possibilities are endless with Mando as he is a Swiss Army knife sort of character in Star Wars lore.

Previously, I would have said it should be Jango Fett, but after the rise of Din Djarin it would be in the game’s best interest to give the people what they want. I also believe Jango would play too similar to Boba Fett.

Mando could also play a significant role in the campaign. You could relive the rise of Din Djarin within the Mandalorian ranks and hunt bounties to help upgrade your gear.

Admittedly, this does sound a bit too ambitious for an add-on campaign to a mostly online shooter. More than likely they would rather use an idea like that for a stand alone Mando game. I’m not sure anyone would complain about that.

The path of the righteous Jedi...

Mace Windu

Hear me out, what if it’s Battlefront III but rated R where the devs get Samuel L. Jackson to come in and just swear nonstop.

Sound unlikely? That’s because it absolutely is.

Still, Mace Windu is an old school Battlefront character who still hasn’t seen his next-gen debut and its been perplexing.

The (questionably) most powerful Jedi who got killed by an old man has seen his roster spot taken by BB-8.

Perhaps this was his reckoning for dying such a death on the big screen.

Regardless, it’s time for us to see Mace Windu’s purple lightsaber cutting the heads off of enemies once again.

I would sacrifice either or both of the droid heroes if they wanted to “make space” for him. Perhaps that would give the light side too many lightsaber heroes. However, if they really wanted to, they could give Palpatine a lightsaber, since in Battlefront 2 his main weapon was Force Lightning.

And of course that would allow us to finally see Palpatine v. Mace – Round Two.

It would also give the game a chance to expand on his powers, since we never got to see how powerful Mace truly was in the films.

What better medium to show off the power of Mace Windu than video games?

It would be awesome to get Samuel L. Jackson to come do the voice but that seems unlikely. He does seem game to play the character again and seemingly loved his time, but I doubt it will be for Battlefront.

It’s an exciting prospect to think about him coming back to the games after a long absence. This is definitely one Star Wars character we need to have in Battlefront III.

One of them is gonna shoot first, hopefully one or both of these Star Wars characters will return soon.

Nien Nunb and Greedo

This is an absolute cheat but these for sure are two Star Wars characters I want to see return.

It’s only been since the first Battlefront that we last saw Nien Nunb and Greedo but what an appearance it was.

As DLC characters for the Outer Rim, Nien Nunb featured a powerful turret and DH-17 pistol. For those who spend most of their time as officers in Battlefront, Nien Nunb would be a perfect hero.

Typically I’ll play Battlefront with my cousin and Nien Nunb was his choice when we played the first game. He spends most of his time as an officer in Battlefront II and that’s probably a big reason why he had so much success playing as him.

It also would take away from the lightsaber-heavy focus on the heroes, especially if Mace Windu is also added to the mix. He would fit in perfectly with the likes of Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, Chewbacca and Princess Leia.

His perfect foil could be the return of Greedo as well, who was my Imperial villain of choice due to his blaster and confidence blast.

My play style is much different than others as I don’t typically play as a hero or reinforcement when given the opportunity. I have my set type of player and blaster combination that I like and I’ll continue to play that til the end.

Greedo was my main exception to the rule. I loved his blaster pistol, which eventually became my go to weapon for regular matches once I unlocked the Hutt contract for it.

His confidence blast was based on how much confidence he had, but it was deadly at all levels. It would span from a dioxis grenade to thermal detonator to impact grenade to thermal imploder. I would typically forget to even use it and just go into matches shooting, but when I did it was typically well worth it.

It broke my heart to see these two characters get sidelined for Battlefront II.

With Battlefront III being on “next-gen” consoles, the thought here is they will have the ability to make this game bigger than ever. Perhaps this will give them the ability to include more heroes, and hopefully more Extraction/Strike maps.

A new but major Star Wars character, Moff Gideon would be perfect for Battlefront III.

Moff Gideon

How can you make a list of Star Wars characters you want to see more of and not include Moff Gideon?

When Giancarlo Esposito signed on to the be the villain for The Mandalorian, Breaking Bad fans knew we were all in for a treat.

The man who gave us Gus Fring no doubt killed it in his (admittedly smaller than anticipated) role in the two seasons.

He already proved his evil tendencies during the events of the season one finale. When he emerged from his crashed ship, using the dark saber to escape, it bumped him to legendary status.

And that brings us to his role in Battlefront III.

Going back to my thoughts on Mando potentially using the Dark Saber as a weapon, how cool would it be to make the dark saber the Macguffin of the main campaign? Who knows, maybe it’s an origin story for Moff Gideon himself?

How would he play? Well, I believe similar to how Director Krennic could spawn death troopers around him, perhaps Gideon would allow for playable dark troopers to spawn.

Additionally, his main weapon would of course have to be the dark saber. We don’t really know any other powers he has but he could offer a form of an orbital strike. Gideon did decimate the Razor Crest with the infamous attack in an episode of The Mandalorian.

He could also serve as a villain in the campaign, expanding his role past The Mandalorian. It would be even better if the protagonist is Mando and it deals with the legend of the dark saber.

Final Thoughts

So those are five (technically six) characters I’d love to see make a return to Star Wars: Battlefront. There are obviously so many more that could come into play depending on how deep in the mythology they want to go.

But who are some of the characters you’d love to see? Star Wars is full of great characters, so it’s practically impossible to nail it with just a handful of heroes in one game. Let us know over on our Discord, where you can join our growing community!

If you would like to pick up Star Wars: Battlefront II from DICE, you can grab it here. If you want to focus more on a single-player Star Wars experience, try Jedi: Fallen Order here. All three games are also now part of Game Pass Ultimate with EA Play, so if you are a subscriber then now is as good a time as ever.

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