Splinter Cell meets Rainbow Six in Shadow Legacy

The latest season for Rainbow Six Siege, Operation Shadow Legacy, is right around the corner and with it are several significant changes. Among them are; a new operator, a map rework as well as some fundamental adjustments.

New Operator

What makes this season unique is down to the operator in question, which is none other than Sam Fisher. Nicknamed “Zero”, Fisher joins Team Rainbow as an attacker and sports a lethal loadout. Players should have no issue taking down defenders with his new SC3000K, dealing a hefty 45 damage at 850 RPM in its current state.

However if players aren’t feeling his AR, they can always switch to the MP7, a fast firing, low recoil SMG. Or, if you need to be a little quieter, his 5.7 USG comes with an integral suppressor. His gadget, the Argus Launcher, is capable of firing cameras into various surfaces. These cameras can view both sides of the surface it is fired on and can attach to reinforced walls. Furthermore these cameras have a single laser shot which enable them to take out defender gadgets safely. The Argus offers a new way for attackers to gain intel and could prove a useful tool in weakening those flanks.

A Hard Breach Charge placed on a reinforced wall

Hard Breach Charge

The brand new gadget does as the name suggests. This charge allows select attackers to breach reinforcements alongside their primary gadget. Once applied the gadget will automatically detonate leaving a square hole in the wall and granting attackers a new line of sight. At the start of Shadow Legacy, eight attackers have this new charge which means defenders have to be more cautious about where they anchor or risk being an easy target.

Reworked Optics

Prior to Year 5 Season 3, the choice of optics was limited. This season switches things up however, first and foremost via the removal of the ACOG sight from all defenders. Next, three new optics have been added; the 1.5x, the 2x and for most DMRs, the 3x and colors can be applied to optics. This reduces the ability of defenders to spawnpeak and helps those who are visually impaired or colorblind.

Overall, it appears Shadow Legacy aims to keep defenders on their toes. With a reduced ability to get early kills, reinforced walls offering less assurance and Zero being a menace to gadgets means locking down rooms is a little more dangerous.

These are just some of the changes, a full list of the patch notes can be found here. If you’re looking for more similar content, why not check out the rest of the site?

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