Spider-Man PlayStation Exclusive for Marvel’s Avengers

The widely loved and iconic web slinger Spider-Man has been announced for Marvel’s Avengers. Spider-Man was highly requested as a playable inclusion in the game and it’s happening, folks! You can find coverages of the game here. However, there is a caveat to this whole thing: Spider-Man is a PlayStation exclusive character. This has gotten a lot of attention across the gaming industry.

PlayStation Version of Marvel’s Avengers Given More Value

Only one console will get to see Spider-Man alongside these guys and gals.

Probably the biggest point of contention of this entire debacle is that it gives the PlayStation version more value for seemingly no reason. Plenty of people see this as unfair and a cheap way to get people to buy a Sony console.

Not everyone has nor wants a PlayStation and that is something Sony needs to understand. Marvel’s Avengers is not an exclusive yet it keeps Spider-Man as it’s own. Why? There currently is no good reason at all other then just seemingly gate keeping. Well….actually there could be a reason as to why…

Insomniac’s Spider-Man Game

…and it’s this guy right here, Spider-Man himself.

Why is Spider-Man himself the reason? Well, Sony has Marvel’s Spider-Man as an exclusive and it’s one of the biggest hits on the Playstation 4. Maybe the reason why is because Marvel’s Avengers might take place in it’s universe. Which just makes me ask the question:

If Marvel’s Avengers takes place in the universe as Marvel’s Spider-Man, why wasn’t the game a Sony exclusive?

That’s what bothers me about the decision and it’s my primary thought and point. Because if true, why is it multi-platform and not Sony exclusive? It doesn’t make sense and just makes me ask more questions. Ultimately, it being multi-plat is good since more people can play and enjoy it. However, everyone that doesn’t have PlayStation will miss out on this.

I don’t know about you fellow readers but I don’t think this is fair or a good decision. And it’s quite a shame because this game is getting positive coverage until this.

Overall Thoughts

Man, this should be better then it is.

Spider-Man on Marvel’s Avengers really should have been a better thing then how it ended up. I mean, no one wants to have a negative opinion on this because it is a good thing. But the fact that it’s Sony exclusive really taints the announcement for people.

Whether it’s because Sony owns Spider-Man’s movie rights or because it may be Insomniac’s Spidey, this bogged the announcement down. Maybe at some point Sony might make him available for other consoles. One can only hope at this point, unfortunately. We can wait until then, but this is all we got so far.

Ultimately, Spider-Man is in the game so that makes me happy. If only he didn’t have that pesky exclusive status. What do you guys think? Do you all think this is a good thing or should Spidey be available for every console? Let us know below what you all think.

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