Sea of Thieves: Haunted Shores Update

Sea of Thieves updates seem to be coming in to dock more and more frequently. June 17th will welcome another new update to this, much loved pirate game from Rare Ltd. The latest Sea of Thieves update is titled Haunted Shores.

What Can Players Expect?

First and foremost, players can expect ghost ships in the Sea of Thieves Haunted Shores update. What pirate adventure would be complete without facing off against some of Davey Jones’ finest? Unlike the skeleton ships that currently inhabit the Sea of Thieves, the ghost ships will be an on-demand event. Players will be able to purchase quests from their local Order of Souls vendor and hunt down fleets of luminous, ghoul laden ships.

However, these ghost ships won’t go down without a fight. These ships will have their very own themed cannonballs. This new, ghostly ammunition include:

Phantom Cannonballs

These fire spooky spectres at the players ship. They cause the same kind of damage as a cannonball, just a lot spookier.

Wraith Cannonballs

These are similar to the phantom cannonballs but instead of an entire ghostly body, these are large spectral faces. The damage they cause will be devastating. They are likened to the damage of a shotgun, creating numerous holes in the ships hull with a single shot.

Ghostly Mines

If players are thinking of being clever and coming up on the stern of the ghost ships, they might want to think again. The ghost ships crew will drop ghost mines, similar to powder kegs. However, these mines can be blown up with a pirates trusty flintlock.

The next major addition that comes with the Haunted Shores update is, the ability to select a sea shanty.

Players will now be able to pick up their favourite instrument and select which shanty they want to play via a new shanty radial menu.
The developers have admitted this update has been a long time coming but it has taken time to integrate properly into the game.
Due to the amount of time it has taken, there will now also be 8 new shanties added to Sea of Thieves.

The titles of these shanties are:

  • 1812
  • Happy Birthday
  • Jolly Good Fellow
  • Seek The Dead
  • Stitcher’s Sorrow
  • We Shall Sail Together
  • Who Shall Not Be Returning
  • Maiden Voyage

The developers wanted to add songs that covered a ranged of different emotions giving players a song for every occasion.

Quality Of Life Improvements

Along with these new game features, there will also be a several quality of life improvements. These improvements will include changes to the non-verbal communication controls. The non-verbal communication radial has been changed to include strategy dialogue options. This will allow players, who either don’t have mics or don’t wish to use mics, to inform their fellow pirates exactly what they want to do and where they want to go.

The non-verbal radial will now feature various sub radials in order to house these new options.

Due to the large change in non-verbal communication, the developers have decided to move the feature to a completely different button (however players can opt to revert back to the old ways). The developers felt the current non-verbal communication system was not fluid enough. At present, players must be stationary in order to use the radial menus. By moving the menu to the shoulder button (on controller), players will be able to run away from skeletons and make repairs to ships all whilst keeping their pirate cohorts informed.

Players are sure to be pleased with the announcement of this update. What does the future hold for Sea of Thieves? Stay tuned to Generation Xbox for more continuing coverage.

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