Scorn Preview: Xbox’s H.R. Giger Inspired Exclusive

Of the many titillating trailers and teasers in recent times, none has grabbed my attention as suddenly as Scorn. Ebb Software’s upcoming horror shooter looks life the stuff of genuine nightmares and probably will be. The game was announced some years ago, however it seemed to go missing for a while. Gamers wondered what happened to that insane looking shooter. It was like it fell off the face of the Earth. Thankfully the game recently resurfaced, after a brief stage as a Kickstarter project and new support from Kowloon Nights. Here’s our Scorn preview.

Scorn returned with new trailers and gameplay footage. It doesn’t seem to disappoint either. The atmosphere is entirely different from anything else out there right now. H.R. Giger’s unique style provides the main inspiration. You may be familiar with his work from the Aliens franchise among many others.

The game is a very enigmatic and slow paced survival horror experience. It’s a first person shooter, but from the look of the gameplay demo you won’t be side strafing as you unload a hail of bullets. Instead the game offers a slow burn, building the tension. The creep factor is set beyond the maximum comfort level. Scorn doesn’t look like something you’ll be able to just chill out and play.

Scorn's gore is literally on the walls

Scorn’s New Demo

The new gameplay trailer shows off a lot of the Scorn’s level design. The biomechanical design characterises the game’s environment. Seemingly everything in the game, including the player, is some strange and disturbing blend of meat and machine. Every switch, door, gate, terminal and corridor is either pulsing, moving or breathing. Everything is alive and organic in the Scorn gameplay preview shown.

The atmosphere is dark even for a horror game. The music compliments the twisted tone perfectly. It brings a strained, almost painful, mechanical feel to the world. It certainly builds tension. Even when there are no enemies around you still won’t feel safe.

Scorn’s latest gameplay demo shows the player travelling through the game in possession of a variety of gadgets and keys. These, like everything else, are weird biomechanical devices. The key seems to be wireless and opens doors remotely.

In Scorn, weapons are alive and wriggling. Each attachment latches on to your grip with a hideous looking tentacle. The ‘reload’ animation shows yellow calcified spikes being slowly inserted into the weapons as ammo. So far, from what has been shown, there is a handgun, a shotgun, a melee drill that pairs as a tool for activating switches and a grenade launcher.

Players will have limited resources. Like other survival horror games, it may be better to avoid conflict as much as possible. Ammo stations are present in the game but they offer only a few shots for each weapon.

The enemies that players will encounter are positively indescribable. They are totally unique, like some kind of conjoined symbiotic parasites that live in the walls. Some are larger than others and in the demo the player can be seen giving the bigger enemies a wide berth. Each one is a horror of it’s own.

Scorn's storytelling is in it's environment

So What’s the Story?

Surprisingly, nothing is known about the Scorn’s story. Indeed the development team have stated this is intentional. They wish to keep it a mystery for as long as possible. They plan on letting the visuals grab people’s interest until release. This is a bold move but it seems to be working. Horror builds on the idea of the unknown.

Anyone who wants to see the new gameplay demo in 4K can do so here. For more of our previews on upcoming games check out our preview section. Did you like our Scorn preview? Are you excited for Scorn? Let us know in the forums or over on our social media!

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