Rewind Friday: Star Wars KOTOR

Last month brought Star Wars Day: May the 4th be with you. The day when people celebrate their geek side and fandom for the Star Wars Saga. 2019’s Star Wars Day saw the first trailers of Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, the next film in the film saga, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the game developed by Respawn. They both pale in comparison to what Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic brought to us in 2003.

Knights of the Old Republic is considered by many to be the best Star Wars game to date. We got a good Star Wars game in 2019 in the form of Star wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Playing it only made me miss Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. The game that started this sub-saga so loved by Star Wars fans and which has had two sequels. Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, developed by Obsidian, and the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic, from Bioware, books, comics, etc.

The Republic sounds like gentlemen with hats and mustaches. It turned out that it was also a time when the Jedi Knights distributed justice (and commanders) with their lightsabers.

The role invades the galaxy

4000 years before Star Wars, the Jedi Knights were already dedicated to maintaining peace in the universe. Thanks to their wisdom, their mental powers and, when there was no other choice, their lightsaber. In front of them were powerful enemies: the Sith (a kind of black sheep of the Jedi). Who had fun conquering planets and attacking the Republic’s ambassadors.

Well, as in traffic jams, there were also innocents caught in the middle of all this mess, and that’s when we took action. Just like in role-playing games, our first task is to create a character. We can choose the appearance, the profession and even the skills that are best suit for them. After that equip them with everything we find scattered around the stage.

As soon as the adventure begins, our character appears on a ship belonging to the republic that is being attacked. Enemy troops are everywhere, so our first mission is to get out of there alive, and it’s not that easy! This serves to familiarize us with the game system: a 3D adventure. In addition to fighting for our lives, we must investigate each level thoroughly and talk to all the galactic aliens. As soon as we get out of this, we have complete freedom to complete all kinds of missions. We can become Jedi Knights… or fall on the Dark Side.

A Galaxy Full of Life

We are not alone in the middle of the galaxy. Throughout the game we find more characters until we form a group of nine adventurers. Although we can only handle three of them at the same time. The control system is very simple: we can direct any of the three and let the others follow us. Although we can separate the group and alternately lead one or the other. The fact is that we have to choose our entourage carefully depending on the missions we are facing. Speaking of confrontations, the innovative combat system from back then that awaits us. Instead of resorting to typical turns or real-time combat, this game combines both systems. We can move to dodge the enemy’s blows. We must select our attacks (with a laser gun or with the lightsaber) in a menu.

The “made in Star Wars” setting is sensational. The 7 planets that appear in the game, of which we only know Tatooine from the movies. They fit perfectly with the rest of the saga. They also are populated by aliens, such as the Wookies or the Rodians. And that’s not all. The technical section, both in terms of graphics and the spectacular soundtrack, did have a huge impact in the industry.

The Gold Standard of RPGs

It managed to rank among the best classics on this console thanks to details such as reflections or grass. Which we have never seen so well recreated. You may look a it now and say meh but it was an innovation back the. But above its great atmosphere, what I liked the most is the enormous freedom of action. This action allows us to roam an entire galaxy in search of adventure or new clues for our research. This set a standard for RPGs that we now know and love. In short, if you really want to live an adventure in the universe of “Star Wars. You’d better leave every single chore you had, cause this game will have you playing for hours of fun.

Bioware the developer of this game. then develop other games which implemented many features. KOTOR laid the groundwork of many of the greatest RPG of all time. It has a place in our heart and in video game history that could never be forgotten.

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