Retro Rewind: Castle Crashers Remastered

Many believe that, without Xbox Live Arcade, the independent phenomenon that we are experiencing wouldn’t have existed, or at least not as strongly. For a few years, Xbox Live Arcade became a store that hosted some of the best indie games, some of those most remembered titles that will remain in the gamer’s collective memory. We talk about games like Braid, Fez, Limbo or the one in question, Castle Crashers.

Castle Crashers was one of the titles that arrived in the first wave of indies of remarkable quality. One that we could enjoy on the previous Microsoft console. I’m sure that most of those who already played it will remember it with great affection. The Behemoth is a small studio, responsible for Alien Hominid and BattleBlock Theater. Which brings us back one of it’s brightest titles with this edition for the new generation. Castle Crashers Remastered is a beat ‘em up with a traditional cut that we were used to. Those retro 16-bit games, such as Golden Axe or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. If we add the humorous touch of The Behemoth to these mechanics. The result is the game at hand: a high-quality title that won’t disappoint.

A Great Remastering for an “Indie” Title

It is curious the level of both quality and popularity that some of the indie titles have managed to achieve. Some of them have begun to receive high quality remasters, with more than 7 years since it’s original launch. Within this new boom in remastering we have seen things of all kinds. Some are most elaborate than others which have practically been ports of it’s previous versions. But that’s not the case of Castle Crashers Remastered, which brings us everything that a remaster edition deserves.

Graphically it has improved and has increased it’s resolution and framerate to 1080p and 60 fps. With these the image quality has been considerably improved. Although it’s artistic style is simple, it’s possibly the game of The Behemoth that enjoys more details in it’s designs. This artistic style comes with a wide variety of settings as well as friendly and enemy characters. Visually simple, but effective in it’s proposal, even more so now. And it’s also accompanied by a perfectly integrated soundtrack, which suits both the artistic and playable style. While on the other hand it brings us all the previous DLC from it’s Xbox 360 version. It comes with a new minigame and the possibility of importing our Xbox 360 games to the new version. This is very useful for a game of this kind, with good replayability.

In short, for those who haven’t yet tried the game, this is your best opportunity to do so. So don’t miss a title that is already a classic of the indie scene.

To the Rescue of the Princesses

Our barbaric enemies have kidnapped the king’s daughters. And we, as good and handsome knights, must undertake our adventure to rescue the princesses. This classic, so simple argument is what gives us the opportunity to start kicking ass to everyone who fight us.

As you can see, the greatest variety and originality won’t be found in it’s plot, but in it’s designs. It’s originality comes from both of setting, characters and enemies. Regarding the former, we’ll visit all kinds of places, jungles, snowy mountains, volcanoes, castles… All of them recreated with a great sense of humor and an attractive artistic style. In the same way, in the enemies we’ll also find an important variety of designs, both of the “smallest” and the level bosses. Each one with it’s own particular style, both fighting and visual. Overall, a very Behemoth aesthetic, and one of its most notable titles in this regard.

Instead, where perhaps a little more variety is needed is in the designs of the main characters. Very similar to each other not only visually, but also in their abilities. In the first levels, when we haven’t yet improved any attribute, we’ll hardly notice differences when choosing between characters. They are hardly distinguished by their magical ability and slight differences between their agility and attacks. The pro is that as we move forward we’ll be able to unlock up to 25 additional playable characters. Those will add to the initial ones, and that will incite us to continue playing with them.

Old school with a modern touch

Castle Crashers Remastered is the best chance to try out The Behemoth title, doing it co-op with a friend will be the best way to play it. The possibility of sharing the adventure and the with another player enriches the experience making it more interesting and fun. And in Castle Crashers we can share the screen with up to four other players. We can choose to create a private game to play with friends or participate in an open group.

Its gameplay presents the same simple and effective control that we already found in the version for Xbox 360. One button for a strong blow, another for a weaker and faster one, and another to jump. These can be combine to perform the different combos that we will go learning. While we can also use some ranged weapons such as arrows or boomerangs. In addition, each character will have a particular magical skill.

RPG Beat ’em Up

That RPG touch that The Behemoth included in Castle Crasher feels great. While it’s not too deep, it makes it a much more complete game than it would have been without it. First of all, each character has four attributes that we can enhance to our liking based on the experience points obtained: strength, defense, agility and magic. Depending on which of these attributes we are enhancing, we’ll develop our character and specialize in the way that we like the most.

But the RPG touch is not here, but extends to weapons, which will be very numerous and will be spread across the stages. We can find them hidden, in chests or even in stores, which we will access with the gold we get. Acquiring new weapons that improve those we already have will be a necessity to successfully advance our adventure. Each of them will have different traits that will enhance some of our attributes, while penalizing others. So we must make use of those weapons that best suit the traits of our character. The amount of weapons available, and the possibility of leveling up each of the characters separately make Castle Crashers a more addictive game than it’s simplicity may seem.

Pets and Barbarians?

During the adventure we’ll be able to find different pets, some will be a little more hidden on the stage; others will be seen with the naked eye. These friendly companions will lend us a hand in the battle in different ways, recovering our health with food, attacking enemies, getting us extra money. On the other hand, during the game there will be certain moments when we can take different mounts, which will contribute one more touch of variety throughout the game. pets and mounts. In addition we’ll have to think carefully about what to invest the gold obtained. Along the map that we can freely travel, there will be stores that sell us from weapons to potions.

Finally, a new minigame, “Back off, Barbarian!” Has been added, in which we must flee from the enemies that will appear on the screen. The pros will be that to move we won’t use the joystick, but the four frontal buttons, and we’ll have to be concentrated to press the necessary combination to move our character where we want and that enemies don’t catch us by surprise. A very interesting and fun addition, with which we will have a good time and we can also play with friends.


Despite the simplicity of Castle Crashers, we have game for long. Although the duration of the adventure doesn’t suppose an excessively high time, its difficulty is well adjusted to pose an interesting challenge and if its mechanics catch us and we get stung to continue raising our favorite level characters, it will give us for many hours. Even more so if we play together with friends. It will lose some of it’s pros if it has already been played in the last generation, but even so the facelift and it’s price deserve a new look. Also remember that you can transfer your game and recover your characters just as you left them.

You can purchase Castle Crashers Remastered for $14.99 from the Microsoft Store. You can also check out more from the Retro Rewind Series here at Generation Xbox.

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