Resident Evil Village Gameplay Provides Promise For RE4 Fans

Resident Evil 8: Village is the latest entry in the Capcom horror franchise and is scheduled to make its way to our consoles in 2021. Although details for the game are scarce and few and far between. There has been some footage shown of the game that bodes well for fans clamoring for a remake of Resident Evil 4.

As mentioned before in my previous article about Resident Evil: Village and RE-Make 4, there are some parallels between the games that are too hard to ignore. Now in new footage shown of the game, there are even more connections to be made. Clips show an elderly character holed up with a shotgun. The player is shown to jump, climb over obstacles, and slide.

Now for the exciting part, a clip shows the player pushing a set of shelves in front of a window. This may sound like a bizarre thing to get excited for. But then, this is Resident Evil. Fans of Resident Evil 4 will recognize the mechanic which allowed you to block entries from Ganado hordes.

Another brief clip sees the seeming return of humanoid enemy types. One stalking you from the opposite side of a fence. Another one appears to be in the background as well. There a few other minute details which given the setting could be considered RE4-esque. This includes item crates and explosive barrels which appear to be designed after their RE4 equivalents.

Even with the gameplay being kept so short and Capcom playing their cards close to their chest. There is a lot of promise behind the upcoming 2021 release and what it could have in store for the rest of the franchise.

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