PUBG Next-Gen Upgrade: Cross-Gen Play Confirmed

PUBG has quite the community behind it. Fans of the battle-royale game have been asking routinely if they can expect to see the game on next-gen platforms. Now, they have their answer. A next-gen upgrade for PUBG is on the way, the developers shared earlier this week on the game’s official blog.

Yes, PUBG is coming to Xbox Series X/S. The PUBG Console Team announced this week that it will be available on day one across next-generation consoles. They went on to share more details for the community, which you can find below.

Pre-existing players will have the ability to upgrade at no extra cost on their current account. The developers also promised that current account progress and cosmetics will carry over with no interruptions.

The team went on to promise that PUBG will offer cross-gen play, on top of the cross-platform play already available between PS4 and Xbox One. This means that you can play on your Series X/S with players on Xbox One, PS5 and PS4.

In terms of technical upgrades, you will see the Series X leverage the Xbox One X build, meaning it will run at 60FPS when the framerate priority option is selected. On the other hand, the Series S will use the Xbox One S build, so it will run at 30FPS. However, the Console Team have confirmed they are working on a possible option to increase this frame-rate cap on both the Xbox One S and the new Series S console.

It’s important to note that the framerate priority is being delivered to PUBG in the October 9.1 Update.

Are you excited to play PUBG on next-gen consoles with the upgrade? Which console will you be playing on? Let us know over on the forums, or on our social media! You can find more from our team below:

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