Outbuddies DX Review

Outbuddies DX is a game of adventure and action around every corner. It successfully brings excitement to a game which is viewed so simply. Its basic, raw graphics manage to captivate the player along with its smooth gameplay. It takes the player to a new underwater world as a character who wants to prove himself. Is it worth playing?

A Breath of Fresh Air

Outbuddies DX brings players something new and old at the same time. With all of the new advancements in the industry, games we play today are packed with 4K graphics and high powered game engines. But this game brings us back. Its gritty, simplistic game design is like a relief from the new games of today. It reminds players of older games with the same grainy textured pixels and simple controls.

The main feeling this game brings to players is nostalgia. A simpler, happier time, which is why this game is so easy to enjoy. These graphics are what make the game stand out and are the main reason why this game is so great. I enjoyed all of the battles and hunts in the game with the gritty graphics. Every bit of the visuals was great and how they added to the simplicity of the game. It feels like a fresh, new idea, when it takes it from an older era of video games!

Simple Genius

The game’s controls aren’t hard at all, and the tutorial allows the player to master them in minutes! But this doesn’t mean the gameplay is a breeze. Despite the simplicity of all of the other factors of the game, the developers were still able to integrate challenging gameplay. It’s exciting and inviting to the player, making the game extremely addicting even for its length! With different deep sea monsters and challenges along the way, don’t think you’ll get through this game without dying on your first try! The straightforward controls of the game bring a lot to the enjoyment. It’s easy and it allows for the player to focus more on what’s important, the gameplay. The controls are one of the good things about Outbuddies DX.

The sound for the game joins the simple club with the other factors. Its techno soundtrack adds very little to the game, but I feel like a great soundtrack wasn’t really needed that much. The gun sounds and other audio are just okay, which is perfect for the game because I feel like that was the whole purpose. The sounds feature basic synth keynotes which help focus the player on the adventure they’re partaking in, without being too complicated and distracting. The sound is a great feature in this game since it’s simple, and stays on the side to let the gameplay take the stage.

Average Storyline

Although many factors in this game are executed well and enjoyable, the story turns out not to be one of them. The storyline is bland and uninteresting, it feels like a plate of food with no seasoning. You could almost call it stereotypical. It follows an archaeologist named Nikolay Bernstein who is skeptical of something in the water which he wants to discover, but his colleagues doubt him. I’ve heard stories like this a million times.

There are so many parts of the game that are spontaneous and not believable. Like how coincidental is it that a random robot saved his life when he went underwater? Plus, the dialogue is terrible. When Bernstein first wakes up underwater, his literal reaction is, “What the f***!?” Is it that hard to come up with something not as generic as that? And this continues throughout the rest of the campaign with predictable sentences, expressions, and reactions.

This part of the game is just annoying because I felt like it was so close to being great with the gameplay and world. It had everything I wanted from a fun little game you could finish in a couple of hours, except for the disappointing story.

Enjoyable Overall

All in all, Outbuddies DX was a fun experience. I loved the simplicity of the graphics, controls, and sound, while being challenged by entertaining gameplay. It’s a game everyone can enjoy. It brings back memories for many and reminds them of a better time. The story was a huge letdown, but I would still recommend this game to one of my friends who are looking to have fun with a few hours free.

Note: We received a review code for the game from Headup.


You can purchase Outbuddies DX from the Microsoft store for $17.99. Check out more of our reviews here, and stay tuned to Generation Xbox for all things from the world of Xbox.

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