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Fans of Remedy’s 2010 psychological thriller Alan Wake are sure to love their newest edition to the mind-bending world — Control. Originally released in 2019, Control follows the story of Jesse Faden as she explores the headquarters of Federal Bureau of Control — a featureless skyscraper called the Oldest House. Through a very abstract series of events, Jesse becomes the leader of the FBC, and is tasked with saving the world from an otherworldly enemy called the Hiss. Spooky. While 2019 may have been a dry year for gaming, Control was one of the standouts and garnered multiple Game of the Year nominations. Control Ultimate Edition, which includes the base game and all DLC is out today.

Control features a Metroidvania-style non-linear pattern of exploration. Because of this, the game is a joy to traverse and allows for a host of play styles. Jesse’s various supernatural abilities and adaptable guns are able to nearly completely destroy the game environment. Sharp-eared fans of Alan Wake may recognize Poets of the Fall who contributed a host of music to Control. Also, Matthew Porretta, the voice of the titular Alan Wake — also makes a small appearance. Not to reveal any major plot points, but the events of Alan Wake do tie into Control to an extent. I have been dying for an official sequel to the very underrated Alan Wake. But, I suppose we will have to make do with Control as a spiritual successor until an official Alan Wake sequel is announced.

Available Today

The Ultimate Edition of Control will include the main game as well as the two post-release DLC “The Foundation” and “AWE”. These DLCs continue the story and introduce additional plot points that greatly expand the setting of the base game.

Control Ultimate Edition is available for Xbox One starting today, and will cost $39.99. You can upgrade the Ultimate Edition to next-gen for no added cost. However, remember the standard edition does not let you upgrade in the same way. Check out the Microsoft Store for more information and to download the game.

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